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Stufflet Unit 10

Unit 10 APUSH

term for period from 1863-1877 when the major issues concerning the conquered South were addressed Reconstruction
Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction (1863)
Welfare agency for those made destitute in war (mainly freed slaves and homeless whites) Freedmen’s Bureau
leader of Freedmen's Bureau Oliver Howard
took over presidency upon Lincoln's assassination Andrew Johnson
term for Johnson's plan for Reconstruction Presidential Reconstruction
various laws in South after Civil War that denied blacks their civil rights Black Codes
phase of Reconstruction that was controlled by Congress, which was dominated at the time by the “radical” Republicans “radical Reconstruction”
radical Republican from Massachusetts Charles Sumner
radical Republican from Pennsylvania Thaddeus Stevens
law that said all African-Americans were legal citizens and said Black Codes illegal Civil Rights Act of 1866
among other things, it obligated states to respect rights of citizens by providing “equal protection of the laws” and “due process” 14th Amendment
divided South into military districts, ordered writing of new state constitutions in South, enfranchised all males over 21 Reconstruction Acts of 1867
Prohibited Prez. from removing federal official w/o Congressional approval--Johnson broke this and was impeached Tenure of Office Act
to charge a federal official (like the President) with a crime impeach
Prohibited any state from denying a citizen’s right to vote based upon “race, color, or previous condition of servitude” 15th Amendment
law that guaranteed equal accommodations in public places (hotels, RR, theatres) and prohibited exclusion of blacks from juries Civil Rights Act of 1875
term used for southern Republicans scalawags
terms used for northern Republicans who came south during Reconstruction carpetbaggers
1st black senator; from Mississippi Hiram Revels
southern economic system in which landlord (white) provided seed and tools while poor farmer (black) gave landlord 50% of harvest (typically) as rent Sharecropping
northern scandal in which railroad investors were stealing govt money which was supposed to finance RR and investors bribed Congressmen with free shares of RR stock Credit Mobilier Affair
NYC "machine" boss who stole tax money from NYC public ($200 million); was exposed by The New York Times and Thomas Nast (cartoonist) William “Boss” Tweed
won Presidential election of 1868 Ulysses S. Grant
southern plan to fight Reconstruction by intimidating blacks and white Republicans Mississippi Plan
main group that implemented Mississippi Plan Ku Klux Klan
officially ended Reconstruction Compromise of 1877
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