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Greek&Latin Roots 3

Meter, Mech, Path

diameter straight line that goes through the center of a circle
mechanic someone who repairs machines
mechanize to do by machine
barometer measures the pressure of the atmosphere
thermometer measures temperature
kilometer measure of length in metric system
speedometer measures how fast a vehicle is going
pathetic means pitiful
sympathy a feeling of sorry for someone
pathology study of disease
pathetic With her torn dress and dirty face, the child was ___________.
mechanize A machine can ___________ the work of a factory.
pathology In health care, _____________ is an important field.
sympathy Betty got a lot of _________ when she broke her arm.
diameter The ______________ of Earth is about 8,000 miles.
kilometer There are 1,000 meters in a ________________.
barometer When a ________________ shows low pressure, it means cloudy weather.
speedometer As we drove home, Mom checked the ___________ from time to time. thermometer
thermometer A look at the ______________ told the nurse that the man had a high temperature.
mechanic The ______________ arrived to repair the washing machine.
Who needs sympathy? loser
Who studies pathology? doctor
Who needs a thermometer? patient
What does a meteorologist use? barometer
Created by: gbrite