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India Vocab

subcontinent large landmass that is more than a continent
monsoon a wind systems receives direction seasonally summer experiences moist air and heavy rains and winter experience hot dry air and joy
Indus Valley Civilization first and greatest civilization in ancient India developed near Valley of Indus River around 3000 BC longer than Egypt and Mesopotamia Delete row 4 Vedas
Vedas Aryan believes in daily life described in the 4 Vedas passed down orally and finally written down circa 500 BC; a Hindu holy book which is a collection of hymns, poems, and verses chanted by priest during religious ceremonies by Rig sama yajur atharva
Buddhism a religion originated in Ancient India by Prince Siddharatha Gautama or Buddha and focused on the Four Noble Truths
Four Noble truths A) Everyone suffers B) The cause of suffering is to desire things C) To end suffering, one needs to stop desiring things D) To stop suffering, one is to follow the Eightfold Path
Eightfold Path 8 steps that highlight good behavior
nirvana Buddhist ideal that is strived for through the Eightfold Path adopting the absence of suffering and upon death never to be born agian
Hinduism a religion originated in Ancient India by Aryans; belief in one god taking 3 forms: Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu
reincarnation Hind belief that a decrease person soul will transfer into another body or form to continue living; primary goal is to end transfer of soul to living matter and become one with the universe
karma a person's actions and effects of one's actions throughout one's present life and in all past and future lives as well
Janinism a religion originated in Ancient India by Mahavira; stressed idea of non-violence basic rules or religion: do not cause harm to animals Birds insects are people religious teaching adopted by Mohandas Gandhi and Marthin Luther King, Jr.
Islam religion adopted by Muhammad with the beliefs of Five Pillars and worship Allah followers of Muslim
Five Pillars framework of the Muslim life 1 pilgrimage to Makkah 2 testimony of faith 3 prayer 4 giving Zakat 5 annual fasting during Ramadan
caste system a way to organize people in a society a person's social class and determined by birth which cannot be changed during one's life time caste system divides Hundus into 4 main categories originated from the Brahma the Hindu god of creation
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