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Psych of Women

Test #1

Right to Vote 1920! Elizabeth Stanton & Susan B. Anthony
Civil Rights Movement 1964!
Roe v. Wade 1973 (legalized abortion)
Civil Rights Act Protected against sex, gender, race, ethnicity, NOrigin, NOT homosexuals or trans though
Susan B. Anthony Arrested for VOTING illegally
Shannon Faulkner 1st women to enter Citadel
Danica Patrick Race car driver
Christine Ford Accused Cavanaugh
Sex classification based on genetics & reproductive fnx.
Gender meaning societies give to female & male categories
Gender Roles Cultural beliefs applied to individuals on basis of socially assigned sex
BETA Bias Similarities/ social construction approach. m&w are SIMILAR intellectually/socially
ALPHA Bias Differences/essentialist approach
essentialist approach differences are BIOLOGICAL, from birth
Feminists... Value women as important & worthwhile Recognize need for social change
Liberal Feminism Passing laws that guarantee equal rights for women
Radical Feminism feel inequality is caused by male oppression of women
Cultural Feminism There are essential differences between men and women. BUT that women's special qualities should be valued
Women Of Color Feminism Women of different cultures and social classes cannot be presumed to be the same.
1st Wave of Feminism early 1900's , VOTING RIGHTS
2nd wave of Feminism 1960's-1989's, Want to be more than a housewife. "The problem w/ no name"
Betty Friedan The Feminine Mystique Book (2nd wave)
3rd Wave of Feminism 1990's, Individual issues
Socialist Feminism gender inequality is rooted in economic inequality
Margaret Floy Washburn 1st woman to receive Ph.D. in Psychology in America (1894)
Mary W. Caulkins 1st APA female President (1905) "sit-in" at Harvard classes, Radcliff gave PhD in lieu of Harvard
How many APA Presidents have been women? 11/115
Inez Prosser & Ruth Howard 1st black women to receive Ph.D. in Psych
Meta-Analysis statistical method of integrating results of many studies on the same topic
Narrative Approach review and summarize many studies to form an impression of general trends on a particular topic
Organizational Power ability to use valuable resources to dominate and control others
Interpersonal Power ability to influence one’s partner within a specific relationship
Power-Over person’s or group’s control of another person or group
Power-TO empowerment of self and others to accomplish tasks
Dominants those in power & decision making
Majority group power bc of #'s
Privelege being what is considered "normative"
Communion having concern for other people (associated w/ females)
Agency having concern about accomplishing tasks (associates w/ males)
ableism bias against people bc of their disabilities
self-hatred internalization of dominant groups beliefs (being gay & believing ur going to hell)
Passing pressure to ASSIMILATE into dominant culture (passing as heterosexual when ur actually gay)
Social Role theory stereotypes of m&w stemming from w=domestic work & m=employee role
hostile sexism NEGATIVE stereotypes of women, primarily directed toward non-traditional women
benevolent sexism POSITIVE characterizations such as "women should be protected!"
amBIvalent sexism COMBINATION of hostile & benevolent sexism, both imply women are weak and better suited for traditional roles
Modern Sexism Belief that sexism is no longer a problem
Bechdal Test Indicator of Gender bias in show/movie. are there 2 female characters. who talk. and not about men.?
Backlash Effect Violating these gender stereotypes can result in social and economic penalties
Advertising Themes: Functional Ranking men portrayed as more powerful than women
Advertising Themes: Ritualization of Subordination women laying on floors mocking men's assaults
Advertising Themes: Objectification of Women Body used but can't see eyes/mind
Advertising Themes: Conflicting views Naughty or Nice?
Self-objectefication girls learn to think of & treat their own bodies as objects of others desires
Masculine Generic Language language that uses male terms but pretends to be inclusive of women
Spotlighting EMPHASIZING individuals gender (oh that woman doctor)
Gender Dysphoria Used to be Gender Identity Disorder. mental/emotional condition where person feels depression, discontent, or indifference to world around them.
Androgens Male Sex Horomones
Estrogen Female sex horomones
PRENATAL DEVELOPMENT 1)Chromosomes 2)Gonadal Development 3)Internal reproductive organs 4)External genitalia 5)Brain Differentiation (Hypothalamus)
Intersexuality intermingling of female & male sexual characteristics
AIS - Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome born w/ XY chromosomes but testes are internal so can't produce testostorone
Caster Semenya Gold medal winner, AIS
John Money Scientist thought "nurture" determines gender identity. DAVID REIMER reassignment surgery and raised as a girl.
ISNA group fights for intersex education, founded by CHERYL Chase
Gender Typing acquisition of roles, traits usually associated w/ 1 gender
Psychoanalytic Theory Freud, BiOLOGICALLY based
Social Learning Theory socially constructed, IMITATION observational learning model
Gender Schema Theory socially constructed, development of boy/girl SCHEMA
ANDrogyny having BOTH m&f traits
Social Status Hypothesis b/c male gender role is more valuable, they are seen as lowering social status if they do female role
Sexual Orientation Hypothesis cross gender behavior in BOYS is considered sign of gayness. while girls aren't viewed that way
Created by: odettelira