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CPT National prep

A 2 hour post prandial specimen should be draw: two hours after eating
Included on THE JONT COMMISSION (JCT) Do NOT use list is: Kg
What vascular access device is placed in a peripheral vein for the purpose of blood collection and administration of medications? Heparin lock or hep lock
All POC glucose analyzers approved for hospital use have what in common? They have the ability to use capillary, venous, or arterial blood
Abbreviation ESR or ESRW means: Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
PP means: Post pradial or after a meal
ABG specimen rejection criteria includes: air bubbles, incomplete or missing label, QNS not enough blood
Another name for blood bank is: Immunohematology
Applications software called middleware: accepts data downloaded from POC instruments
The ability of the body to repair and maintain itself to achieve a steady state defines what terms: Homeostasis
According to CLSI ______ is the recommended blood culture site skin disinfectant for infants 2 months and older Chlorohexidine gluconate
ARD or FAN blood culture bottles remove any antibiotics that are in the blood
The area of the lab where testing is performed to detect infectious disease and the antibodies produced in response to infection is called: immunology
According to CLSI standards, which of the tubes listed below is filled last when using a syringe? EDTA
According to CLSI the maximum time limit for separating serum or plasma from cells is: Two hours from time of collection
An arm is paralyzed has: lost muscle function
An autologous blood transfusion is a transfusion of blood: donated by the patient for their self
The avascular layer of skin is the : epidermis
A barcode is a series of bars and spaces representing numbers and letters
According to standard first aid procedures, sever external bleeding is best controlled by: Applying Direct pressure
The accumulation of ______ in the blood can cause metabolic acidosis. lactate
An additive tube should be mixed: as soon as it is removed from the holder
A blood clot circulating in the bloodstream is called a/an embolus
After performing arterial puncture, the phlebotomist should check the pulse disstal to the puncture site
All of the following are included in the DOT's 10 step s to collection site security and integrity EXCEPT ensure that video monitoring is done
A blood smear from an EDTA specimen should be made within one hour of collection
A body fluid splash to the eye requires the victim to immediately flush the eye with water or sterile saline for A minimum of: ten minutes
Breath samples can be used for: H-Pylori, lactose intolerance test, and marijuana use
Capillaries are: tiny one cell thick blood vessels that link arterioles and venuels were gas exchange takes place
Capillary blood most resembles: Arterial blood
Capillary blood reference range is higher for what analyte Glucose
Clinical and laboratory Standards institute (CLSI) and occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) guidelines do not require specimen transport bags to have Shock resistance features
CLSI guidelines state that scrubs or slacks worn in the lab should be how far off the floor? one to one and a half inches
The creatinine and clearance rate decrease in elderly patients due to a normal decline in: Kidney function
Critical values are also called panic values
A minor is anyone: under the age of majority
Doing what while selecting a vein is bad for the specimen pumping fist
Drawing a patient without consent: Assault and battery
Drug abuse can be seen in : hair, saliva, blood, urine
The "e" at the end of _______ is pronounced separately from the word Syncope
An elderly patient comes to an outpatient facility with his daughter and is hard of hearing what does the phlebotomist do Speak distinctly in a normal tone
Electrolyte testing includes sodium and potassium
An example of a preanylitical error happening during specimen processing is: inadequate centrifugation
AN example of employee screening for infection control is: PPD testing
Example of nosocomial infections include a catheter site becoming infected
Federal law requires that Hep B vaccine be made available to all employees within 10 working days of hireing
Class C fire electrical
The chance of a hematoma after an arterial draw is greater : when using late gauge needle, inadequate pressure is applied, if patient is on anticoagulant therapy
A chain of custody is: a special protocol used when collecting forensic specimens
The CAP requires QC for many waived tests to be performed when the test manufacturer specifies or before the first test is to be used
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