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Greek&LatinRoots 1

Dict, Clar, Meter, Path, Mech, Equ, Hudro, Spect, Audi

Dictionary A book of word definitions and meanings
Dictator A ruler with total power over a country
Clarify to make clear
Clarion A shrill, narrow-tubed war trumpet
Diameter A straight line passing through a circle
Barometer A weather instrument to measure atmospheric pressure
Pathetic Arousing pity through sadness
Sympathy Feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else
Mechanic A person who repairs machines
Mechanize to do by machine
Equation A math sentence that is equal on both sides
Equator An imaginary line drawn around the earth dividing it equally in half
Hydroelectric Generating electricity using flowing water to drive a turbine/generator
Hydrocortisone A medical steroid hormone used to treat eczema
Spectacles Another word for glasses
Spectator A person who watches at a game or show
Retrospect Looking back on the past events
Audience A group of spectators or listeners at a public event or meeting
Audio Cassette Cassette or audiotape that you listen to
Audiovisual Using both sight and sound in the form of slides or video
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