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all book revision

what is a primary source? a primary source is a first hand source, so was there at the time such as a sword.
what is a secondary source? a secondary source is produced after the event such as an encyclopedia
what is an artifact? an artifact is a piece of a historical find such as an ancient roman shield.
what does chronology mean? chronology means time order.
what are periods of history? different periods of history are the different eras where different monarchs ruled.
when did the plague break out? 1348
when was the peasants revolution? 1381
when was the battle of Hastings? 1066
who were the 3 people that fought for the crown? harald hardrada, Harold Godwinson and William duke of Normandy
who won the battle of Hastings? William Duke Of Normandy
who had the throne before William the conquer? Harold Godwinson
who had the throne before Harold Godwinson? Edward the confessor
who was king when the peasants revolt began? Richard II
how old was Richard II? 14
why was a peasants life tough? 1)there was poor hygiene 2)they sometimes had to pay food ransoms 3)the roads were terrible 4) they had to work sunrise until sunset. 5)during the black death they did not get increased wages.
5 facts about parliament 1)the house of commons is more important that the house of lords 2)if we leave the EU the government will have more power. 3)Boris Johnson and his ministers sit on the front bench
5 facts about parliament (cont) 4)there are two pieces of tape 2 sword widths apart so that no one could start a sword fight in the olden days. 5)the 10 downing street cat is called Larry.
give 4 ways that William Duke of Normandy consolidated his power 1)castles 2)force to put down rebellions 3)developed the feudal system 4)changed the churches
what were the 2 different types of castles? motte and bailey castles and stone keep castles
what was Watt Tylers catch phrase For King Richard and all the true common people of England
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