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ar conjugations

present tense of ar verbs and jugar

baila he, she, you (formal) dance
bailáis you all dance (Spain)
bailamos we dance
bailan they, you all dance
bailar to dance
bailas you dance (informal)
bailo I dance
camina he/she walks, you walk (formal)
camináis you all walk (Spain)
caminamos we walk
caminan they or you all walk
caminar to walk
caminas you walk (informal)
camino I walk
cocina he/she cooks, you cook (formal)
cocináis You all cook (Spain)
cocinamos we cook
cocinan they/you all cook
cocinar to cook
cocinas you cook (informal)
cocino I cook
escucha he/she listens, you (formal) listen
escucháis you all listen (Spain)
escuchamos we listen
escuchan they listen, you all listen
escuchar to listen
escuchas you (informal) listen
escucho I listen
estudia he / she studies / you (formal) study
estudiáis you all study (Spain)
estudiamos we study
estudian they/you all study
estudiar to study
estudias You (informal) study
estudio I study
habla he/she talks or you (formal) talk
habláis you all talk (Spain)
hablamos we talk/speak
hablan They/you all talk/speak
hablar to talk, to speak
hablas you talk/speak (informal)
hablo I talk/speak
juega he/she/you (formal) play (sport)
juegan they, you all play(sport)
juegas you(informal) play (sport)
juego I play (sport)
jugáis all of you (spain) or informal play (sport)
jugamos we play (sport)
jugar to play (sport or game)
llega he/she arrives or you (formal) arrive
llegáis you all (Spain) arrive
llegamos we arrive
llegan they/you all arrive
llegar to arrive
llegas you (informal) arrive
llego I arrive
mira he/she looks at/watches, you all (formal) look at. watch
miráis you all look at, watch (Spain)
miramos we watch/look at
miran they/ all of you watch, look at
mirar to look at, to watch
miras you look at/watch (informal)
miro I watch/I look at
nada he/she/you formal swims
nadáis you all swim (Spain)
nadamos we swim
nadan they, you all swim
nadar to swim
nadas you swim (informal)
nado I swim
organiza he/she organizes, you organize (informal)
organizáis you all organize (Spain)
organizamos we organize
organizan they/you all organize
organizar to organize
organizas you organize (informal)
organizo I organize
saca he/she takes out; you (formal) take out/get
sacáis you all take/get (Spain)
sacamos We take out/get
sacan they/all of you take out/get
sacar to take out, to get
sacas you take out (informal)/get
saco I take out/get
toca he/she/you formal play (instrument)
tocáis all of you (Spain) play (instrument)
tocamos we play (instrument)
tocar to play (instrument)
tocas you (informal) play (instrument)
toco I play an instrument
trabaja he/she works, you work (formal)
trabajáis you all work (Spain)
trabajamos we work
trabajan they/you all work
trabajar to work
trabajas You (informal) work
trabajo I work
Created by: anneadams
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