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SS Caesar Vocab

Aedile Official of the Roman Republic who was responsible for maintaining public buildings and streets and managing public festivals
censor official of the Roman Republic who served as census taker and supervised public conduct and morals
consul official elected by the Roman Senate to head the Roman government and command the army in times of war; two consuls served at a time, and could cancel each other's decisions
crucify to put someone to death by nailing them to a cross
Forum the open public square where Romans came to worship, trade, and conduct government business
galley a long boat with oars, used in ancient times
gladiator a warrior who fought against other gladiators or fierce animals to entertain the ancient Romans
imperious arrogant and domineering
javelin a light throwing spear
lector a bodyguard of a magistrate in ancient Rome
legion in the late Roman Republic, a military unit of 5,000 armored soldiers, each armed with a short sword and two javelins
magistrates the top government officials of the Roman Republic, including censors, consuls, praetors, quaestors, and aediles
optimate a member of a political group representing the interests of the noble families of the Roman Republic
oratory the art of formal speaking in public
patrician a member of a noble family in ancient Rome
Popular assembly in the Roman Republic, a legislative body made up of Roman citizens who were not senators
populare a member of a political group representing the interests of the poor citizens of the Roman Republic
praetor the second-highest political office of the Roman Republic; duties included administering justice and commanding an army in the absence of a consul
quaestor an official who managed the finances of Rome or one of its provinces
republic a form of government in which citizens elect representatives to manage the government
Senate the Roman Republic's top lawmaking body, the Senate was made up of about 300 of Rome's richest and most powerful men
talent in ancient Rome, a large unit of weight or money, particularly a certain weight in gold or silver
tribune an official of the Roman Republic who was elected by the common citizens to represent them an protect their rights
trident a three pronged spear
triumvirate a group of three people sharing power
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