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5e Political and Eco

5e Political and Economic Relationships with GB

Colonists had to obey British laws, which were enforced by governors. Political
Colonial governors were appointed by the king or by the proprietor. Political
Great Britain taxed the colonies after the French and Indian War. Economic
Great Britain imposed strict control over trade Economic
The colonies traded raw materials for goods made in Great Britain Economic
A colonial legislature made laws for each colony, but was monitored by the colonial governor. Political
Who was appointed by the king or owner (proprietor)of the colony to enforce British laws? Governor
First Trade Law Only British ships could be used to transport colonial products to Great Britain for sale.
Second Trade Law Only British ships could carry products into and out of the colonies.
Great Britain's desire to expand its world power led to conflict with the country of France. This led to the ____________ being fought in the American colonies. French and Indian War
What did the British governing body or Parliament tax the colonists on? paint, sugar, glass, or tea
What act required that colonists pay a tax on every piece of paper they used such as legal document and newspapers? Stamp Act
What was passed by the king that stated that new territory (land that stretched to the Mississippi River) was off-limits to the colonists? Proclamation of 1763
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