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Genesis 24

148. What did Abraham request that his eldest servant NOT do? 24:3 Get a wife for his son Isaac from the daughters of the Canaanites
149. Where did Abraham ask his servant NOT to take Isaac? 24:5-6 To the country Abraham came from
150. To fulfill what promise of God; Abraham did not want Isaac taken back to Abrahams native land, even if the woman to marry him did not want to come to Canaan? 24:6 “To your offspring I will give this land”
151. Who did Abraham tell his servant would help him find a wife for Isaac? 24:7 An Angel would help him
152. Who did Abraham send to his native land to get a wife for his son Isaac? 24:5-9 A servant
153. What ritual did the eldest servant perform to signify the oath which he took with Abraham? 24:9 Put his hand under the thigh of his master and swore an oath
154. Where did Abraham's servant and his procession go in search of a wife for Isaac? 24:10 The town of Nahor
155. Abraham’s servant asked the Lord for a sign to show him which young girl was to be Isaac's wife. He would say, "Please let down your jar that I may have a drink." What was she then to reply? 24:11-14 "Drink, and I'll water your camels too."
156. Who was the daughter of Bethuel, who was the son of Abraham’s brother Nahor that God choose to be the wife of Isaac? 24:15 Rebekah
157. What was the name of the girl who became Isaac's wife? 24:15 Rebekah
158. In addition to giving Abraham's servant a drink, what act of kindness did Rebekah perform to fulfill the servant's prayer? 24:19 She drew enough water for all his camels
159. When Abraham's servant and his camels had finished drinking the water Rebekah had given them, what gold items did the man give to her? 24:17-22 A gold nose ring and 2gold bracelets
160. What was the name of Rebekah's brother who hurried out ran to meet the servant of Abraham? 24:29 Laban
161. Where did Rebekah's brother Laban find Abraham’s servant when he hurried out to meet him? 24:29 At the spring
162. Abraham's servant determined not to eat until what had been accomplished? 24:33 Told the family what he had to say
163. Whom did Abraham say God would send with the servant to make his journey a success? 24:40 His angel
164. When Abraham’s servant was praying, when did Rebekah arrive at the spring? 24:45 Before he finished praying
165. What was Rebekah's father name who was the son of Abraham’s brother Nahor? 24:47 Bethuel
166. Who was Bethuel's father; Rebekah's grandfather and brother of Abraham? 24:47 Nahor
167. What did Laban and Bethuel say when they heard Abraham's servant's explanation of his mission and the answer to his prayer? 24:50 This is from the Lord
168. What did Laban and Bethuel say about Rebekah when they heard Abraham's servant's explanation of his mission and the answer to his prayer? 24:51 “Here is Rebekah; take her and go”
169. Abraham's servant gave gold and silver jewelry and articles of clothing to Rebekah. What did he give to her brother and mother? 24:53 "costly gifts"
170. How did Rebekah answer regarding her desire to go with Abraham’s servant to go now to be the wife of Isaac? 24:58 “I will go.”
171. What was Isaac doing when he looked up and saw camel’s approaching? 24:63 He was out in the field meditating
172. Upon learning from Abraham's servant that the man walking in the field was Isaac, what did Rebekah do? 24:65 She took a veil and covered herself
173. How did Isaac feel about Rebekah as a wife? 24:67 Isaac loved her
174. Isaac brought Rebekah into the tent of his mother Sarah and married Rebekah. She became his wife and Isaac was comforted after what? 24:67 His mother's death
Created by: SDBibleBowl