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Genesis 20

86. What mistake with Pharaoh did Abraham repeat with King Abimelech while staying in Gerar? 20:2 He said Sarah was his sister
87. How did Abimelech learn the truth about Sarah's relationship to Abraham? 20:3 God came to him in a dream
88. God told king Abimelech in a dream one night that he was as good as dead because of what woman? 20:2-3 Sarah
89. What did Abimelech’s say when God spoke to him about Sarah’s relationship with Abraham? 20:4 "Lord, will you destroy an innocent nation?”
90. On what basis did Abimelech plead his case before the Lord? 20:5 He had done this deed with a clear conscience and clean hands
91. What did God call Abraham when he spoke to king Abimelech in a dream? 20:7 Prophet
92. How did Abimelech's officials react when they heard of God’s warning to him? 20:8 They were very much afraid
93. What did king Abimelech said Abraham brought on him and his kingdom by doing things that should never be done? 20:9 Great guilt
94. Why did Abraham think Abimelech would kill him and take his wife? 20:11 Because he thought there was no fear of God in the place
95. Abraham said Sarah really was his sister because she was the daughter of his father, though not of his mother. What was Sarah to say wherever they went to show her love to Abraham? 20:12 "He is my brother"
96. In addition to sheep and oxen, what other gifts did Abimelech give to Abraham? 20:14 Male and female slaves
97. What other act of forgiveness did Abimelech extend to Abraham? 20:15 He allowed Abraham to live in his land
98. What was the last gift king Abimelech gave Sarah's brother Abraham to cover his offense against her? 20:16 1000 shekels of silver
99. Why had God kept the women in Abimelech’s household from conceiving? 20:18 Because of Abraham’s wife Sarah
Created by: SDBibleBowl