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U.S Constitution

Who makes up the Legislative branch? The House of Representative and The Senate.
what is the age requirement for the legislative branch (HR) 25 years old
what is the age requirement for the legislative Branch (Senate) 30 years old
What is the citizenship requirement for the Legislative branch? (HR) be at least 25 years old
What is the citizenship requirement for the Legislative branch? (Senate) be at least 30 years old
What is the method of the position to be in the Legislative Branch? (HR) (Senate)? The population of each state
what is the legislative branch's main job make laws
who makes up the executive branch President, Vice President
what is the age requirement to be President,and Vice President 35 years old
What is the citizenship requirements to be President, and VIce President. Must be born in America, and a american citizen for the past 14 years
What is the President length of term? 4-year term
what is the method of gaining position to be president? Gain the most electoral votes
what is the President's main job? enforce laws
Who make the Judicial branch? U.S Supreme Court, and all lower courts
what is the age requirements to be in the judicial branch? at least 60 years old
what is the citizenship requirement to be in the Judicial Branch? Be confirmed by the president
what is the method of gaining the position to the Judicial Branch? Be appointed by the president
what is the Judicial branch main power? Interpret Laws
what does the president do if you does not like the law? Veto laws
what can the legislative branch do if the president does not like the law? Impeach the president/override vetoes
what can the Legislative branch do to the Judicial Branch? Impeach Judges
What can the Judicial Branch do to the legislative branch? Declares laws unconstitutional
The executive branch can do what to Judicial branch? Appoints Judges
What can the Judicial branch do that the executive branch can't? Declare executive Actions unconstitutional
Which system (s) was designed to prevent one person or branch of the government from gaining too much power? Checks and balances
What is the supreme law of the land in the united states? The U.S constitution
According to the preamble of the United states constitution, where does the power of the government come from? The People (Popular sovereignty)
what did the framers intend by the phrase "a more Perfect union" in the Preamble? To correct the mistakes made in the Articles of Confederation.
Why was the bill of rights added to the constitution? Federalist and anti-federalist argued about having a bill of rights, have a strong national government.
What is the 1st Amendment Speech,religion,press,assembly,and petition.
What is the 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms
What is the 3rd Amendment Quartering of soldiers
What is the 4th Amendment Searches and seizures
What is the 5th Amendment protection of rights to life,liberty,and press
What is the 6th Amendment Right of Accused persons sintion Criminal cases
What is the 7th Amendment Civil trial rights
What is the 8th Amendment Bail and punishments
What is the 9th Amendment rights retained by the people
What is the 10th Amendment power reserved to the states.
why is the first amendment considered the most important amendment of the bill of rights? it allows a citizens to gain more rights or seek to fix a government wrong.
what are the limitation of free speech? Libel,Slander,Obscenity,copyright violated,sedition,Inclement,fighting words,cant help enemies
What does the fourth Amendment prohibit? to be secure in their person's house,paper,and private property
In the case of Tinker V. Des moines, why were students allowed to wear their black armbands The armbands were a subtle protest that did disrupt the school
In the case of New Jersey V. T.L.O. how did the supreme Court rule? The supreme courts rules in the favor with the school. The school needs a reasonable suspicion.
Which chief justice was instrumental in creating judicial review John Marshall
Which landmark case created Judicial review? Marbury V. Madison
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