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Unit 60

珍珠 zhēnzhū (N) pearl
niǎo (N) bird
简易 jiǎnyì (Adj) simple and easy
竹笼子 zhúlóngzi (N) bamboo cage
lóng (N) cage, coop
tuán (M) m.w. for ball-shaped things
舒适 shūshi (Adj.) comfortable, cosy
cháo (N) nest
怕人 pàrén (V) to be afraid of people
茂盛 màoshèng (Adj.) (of plants) luxuriant, exuberant, flourishing
吊兰 diàolán (N) chlorophytum comosum
diào (V) to hang, to suspend
duǒ (V) to hide (oneself), to avoid, to dodge
盖(住) gài(zhù) to cover, to lid
丛林 cónglín (N) jungle, forest
安全 ānquán (N/Adj) safety, security, safe
从中 cóngzhōng (Adv) from among, out of
格外 géwài (Adv) especially, all the more
自在 zìzài (Adj.) at ease, comfortable
阳光 yángguāng (N) sunshine, sunlight
射入 shèrù (V) to send out (light, etc.), too hit
shè (V) to shoot, to fire
黑影 hēiyǐng (N) dark shadows
碧玉 bìyù (N) jade, jasper (stone)
yù (N) jade
生意葱茏 shēngyì cōnglóng (of plants) verdant, luxuriantly green
闪动 shǎndòng (V) to flash, to flicker, to twinkle
鲜红 xiānhóng (Adj.) bright red, scarlet
shēn (V) to stretch, to extend
bā (V) to push aside
脑袋 nǎodai (N) head, mind
chǒu (V) to look at, to see
娇嫩 jiāonèn (Adj) delicate, tender and lovely
雏儿 chúr (Adj.) young bird (or duckling, etc.)
jué (Adv.) definitely
xiān (V) to lift q
惊动 jīngdòng (V) to disturb, to startle
jīng (V) to be frightened, to shock, to surprise
忽然 hūrán (Adv) all of a sudden, suddenly
家伙 jiāhuo (N) fellow, guy (referring to an animal or person)
轻易 qīngyì (Adj.) easy
zuān (V) to go through, to get into
灰蓝 huīlán (Adj.) grayish blue
huī (Adj.) grey
整个 zhěnggè (Adj.) whole, entire
绒毛 róngmáo (N) fine hair, villus
起先 qǐxiān (Adv) at first, in the beginning
luò (v) to drop, to get down
zhuó (V) to peck (picken)
shéng (N) rope, cord, string
摇动 yáodòng (V) to sway, to rock, to wave
kuàng (N) frame, case
胆子 dǎnzi (N) courage, nerve
伤害 shānghài (V) damage, to harm
挨近 āijìn (V) to be near to , to get close to
fǔ (V) to bow one's head, to ;pronate
piān (V) to lean
反应 fǎny`ʼng (N/V) response, reaction, to react
微微 wēiwēi (Adv) sightly
rào (V) to move round, to circle
笔尖 bǐjiān (N) nib, penpoint
不动声色 bú dòng shēng sè to maintain one's composure, to sty calm and collected
默默 mòmò (Adv.) silently
情意 qíngyì (N) affection, friendly regards
mǒ (V) to rub on, to touch
淘气 táoqì (Adj.) naughty, mischievous
滚圆 gǔnyuán (Adj.) round as a ball
jiān (N) shoulder
扭头 niǔ tóu to turn around
pā (V) to bend over, to lie prone
银灰 yínhuī (Adj.) silver grey
眼睑 yǎnjiǎn (N) eyelid, lid
眸子 móuzi (N) pupil of the eye, eye
一时 yìshí (N) temporarily, for a short time
感受 gǎnshou (N) experience, feel
信赖 xìnlài (V) to trust, to have faith in
创造 chuàngzào (V) to create
境界 jìngjiè (N) state, realm
珍珠鸟 zhēnzhūniǎo (N) pearl bird
Created by: KatharinaHumbert



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