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8th History

Chapter 7

In 1790, how did Americans feel about the future of their new government? Their expectations were high because they trusted their leaders to protect their economic and security interests.
Americans wanted George Washington to be president because he was seen as an honest leader.
The Alien and Sedition Acts were passed by the Federalists to eliminate opposition to war.
Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson criticized U.S. policy toward France because he believed the United States owed France support since France backed it during the Revolutionary War.
The rivalry between which two political parties dominated the election of 1796? Democratic-Republicans and Federalists.
The main threat faced by Americans in the Northwest Territories was Native American tribes supplied with guns and ammunition by the British.
In the XYZ affair, French agents would discuss a treaty to protect U.S. shipping in exchange for a bribe.
Which of these slogans might a Federalist have shouted at a party rally? Central Government over All!
President Washington personally led the army against the participants in the Whiskey Rebellion because he felt people needed to understand the constitutional right of Congress to institute tax laws.
The electoral college is a body of delegates from each state that represents the people’s vote in choosing the president.
The new federal government in America took actions intended to set an example for the future. In George Washington’s words, these exemplary actions would “serve to establish a precedent
The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions which deemed the Alien and Sedition Acts unconstitutional, supported the idea that state governments could challenge the federal government.
Little Turtle successfully led an alliance of Native Americans against U.S. forces In 1790, before General Anthony Wayne took command of the American army in the West.
Protective Tariff adds tax to the price of imported goods to shield domestic products from foreign competition.
The national bank was founded to stabilize the national economy
national debt can best be defined as the amount of money owed by the United States
In George Washington's farewell address he warned against making foreign alliances and burdening future generations with debt.
In 1790 American farmers were independent people who didn't want government interfering in their daily lives.
Thomas Jefferson felt that the American economy would do best if it relied on agriculture
Repaying the full value of all bonds was part of Alexander Hamilton's economic plan
The judiciary act of 1789 created three levels of federal courts and defined their powers and relationship to the state courts
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