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Unit 57

HanziPinyin english
对于 duìyú (Prep) with regards to, concerning to
 坟墓 fénmù (N) tomb, grave
升华 shēnghuá (V/N) to sublimate, sublimation
危险 wēixiǎn (N/A) danger, dangerous
独自 dúzì (Adv) alone, by oneself
dú (adj.) only, alone
角色 juésè (N) role, part
必定 bìdìng (Adv.) must, to be sure to
好汉 hǎohàn (N) brave man, true man, hero
xī (V) to put out (light), to extinguish (loeschen)
同屋 tóngwū (N) roommate
发表 fābiǎo (V) to express one's opinions, to publish
议论 yìlùn (V/N) to comment, to talk, to discuss, comment, remark
时刻 shíkè (N) (a point of) time, hour, moment
月光 yuèguāng (N) moonlight
sǎ (V) to sprinkle, to spray, to spill
夜空 yèkōng (N) night sky
未来 wèilái (N) future, in the future
谈论 tánlùn (V) to talk about, to discuss
女性 nǚxìng (N) female, women
解放 jiěfàng (V) to liverate, to emancipate (Befreiung)
道路 dàolù (N) path, road, way
激动 jīdòng (A/V) excited, to excite
幼稚 yòuzhì (adj.) childish, puerile, naive
少年不识愁滋味 shàonián bù shí chóu zīwèi tough do not know the taste of worries
少年 shàonián (N) early youth (from ten to sixteen)
chóu (V/N) to worry, worry
滋味 zīwèi (N) taste, flavour
骄傲 jiāo'ào (adj.) arrogant, proud
立即 lìjí (adv.) immediately, at once
shuǎi (V) to swing, to throw
dāng (V) to treat as, to regard as, to take for
恋爱 liàn'ài (N/V) love, to be in love
要不然 yàoburán (conj.) otherwise
如何 rúhé (adv.) how
贤妻良母 xián qī liáng mǔ virtuous wife and loving mother (tugendhaft)
xián (Adj.) virtuous
liáng (Adj.) fine
美好 měihǎo (adj.) fine, happy
报答 bàodá (V) to repay (zurückzahlen)
醒悟 xǐngwù (V) to wake up to reality, to come to realise the truth
大丈夫主义 dàzhàngfu zhǔyì male chauvinism
大丈夫 dàzhàngfu true man, real man
安稳 ānwěn (adj.) smooth and steady
写作 xiězuò (V/N) to write, writing
反复 fǎnfù (Adv./N) repeatedly, again and again, repeat
渐渐 jiànjiàn (Adv.) gradually, little by little
焦急 jiāojí (Adj.) anxious, worried
委屈 wěiqu (V/A) to feel wronged, to nurse a grievance
愤怒 fènnù (adj.) indignant, angry
碰见 pèngjiàn (V) to meet unexpectedly, to run into
坏人 huàirén (N) bad person
出事 chū shì to have an accident
交代 jiāodài (V) to explain, to account for, to hand over
编辑 biānjí (V/N) to edit, editor
约稿 yuē gǎo ask for contribution (to a magazine)
稿 gǎo (N) manuscript, article, draft
不时 bùshí (Adv) constantly, frequently
tuō (V) to pull, to drag, to delay
沉重 chénzhòng (Adj.) heavy, serious
脚步 jiǎobù (N) footfall, footstep
惊讶 jīngyà (Adj.) surprised, astonished
吵架 chǎo jià to quarrel, to wrangle
chǎo (V) to quarrel, to wrangle, to make a noise
公文包 gōngwénbāo (N) briefcase
公文 gōngwén (N) official document
dǔ (V) to stop up, to block up
皱眉头 zhòu méitóu to knit one's brows
眉头 méitóu (N) brows
追求 zhuīqiú (V) to pursue, to seek
灯光 dēngguāng (N) lamplight
zhào (V) to shine, to light up
内心 nèixīn (N) heart, innermost being
熄灭 xīmiè (V) (of a fire, light, etc.) to go out
miè (V) (of a fire, light, etc.) to go out, to extinguish, to turn off
弥漫 mímàn (V) to fill the air, to spread all over the place
温柔 wēnróu (Adj.) gentle and soft
体贴 tǐtiē (V) to show consideration for
充满 chōngmǎn (V) to be full of, to fill
婚姻 hūnyīn (N) marriage
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