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6th grade History

Chapt 5 Ancient Egypt test review

What does theocracy mean? the ruler is both a political and religious leader
What does bureaucrats mean? government officials appointed by the Paraoh to carry out his orders
What is the reason that the Nile has been called "the lifeblood" of Egypt? Its valley and delta provide fertile soil for farming.
What caused the decline and fall of the Egyptian empire? The Egyptians were attacked by neighboring people.
What is the Egyptian invention to prevent the pharaoh's body from decomposing? the act of embalming
Who tried to give the Egyptians a new religion? Amenhotep
What was the main reason the Middle Kingdom ended? The Hyksos, warriors from western Asia, conquered Egypt
Why was British archaeologist Howard Carter's discovery of "King Tut's" tomb in 1922 so unusual? Most tombs of pharaohs had been robbed by thieves, but Tut's mummy was intact and his treasures were still there.
What do Archaeologists study to learn about life in ancient Egypt? the pyramids
What knowledge helped the Egyptians develop medical knowledge? embalming
What place is the Pharaoh on the social pyramid (level)? Ruler
What place are the Nobles, Generals, and Priests on the social pyramid (level)? Upper Class
What place are the Merchants, Artisans, and Shopkeepers on the social pyramid (level)? Middle Class
What place are the Farmers, Unskilled Workers, Enslaved People on the social pyramid (level)? Lower Class
Egypt conquered new territories and gained control of Nubia in which time period? Middle Kingdom or New Kingdom Middle Kingdom
Pharaohs increased crop production in which time period? Middle Kingdom or New Kingdom Middle Kingdom
Egypt prospered through trade, gained more lands, and reached the height of its power in which time period? Middle Kingdom or New Kingdom New Kingdom
Pyramids were no longer built in which time period? Middle kingdom or New Kingdom Middle Kingdom
A queen named Hatshepsut ruled Egypt in which time period? New Kingdom
Describe the role of men/fathers in ancient Egyptian society. Give one good example head of family, taught sons farming and other trades
Describe the role of women/ mothers in ancient Egyptian society. Give one good example taught daughters to sew, cook, and run a household
Describe the role of children in ancient Egyptian civilization. Give one good example played board games, married in their teens and started families, take care of parents when they got older
Identify one reason the kingdom of Kush prospered. They had wealth because of their trading center.
Created by: amygerman