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Unit 3 Summative

Road to Revolution Summative

Which phrase became popular after passage of the Stamp and Sugar Acts? No taxation without representation
How did Parliament respond to protests against the Stamp Act? It repealed the law.
What law forced colonists to provide places to live for all the Redcoats in America? Quartering Act
After the Boston Tea Party... King George closed Boston Harbor and created the Intolerable Acts.
How many people died during the Boston Massacre? 5
What is the meaning of taxation without representation? When people are taxed, but they have no say in the government
What were some of the items taxed by the Townshend Act? Paint, lead, glass, and tea
To protest the Tea Act the Sons of Liberty organized the ... Boston Tea Party
A patriot was a colonist who: wanted independence from England
What document said that the colonists could not move WEST of the Appalachian Mountain? Proclamation of 1763
This act put a tax on paper goods, such as newspapers, wills, and playing cards. Stamp Act
Among other things, the Intolerable Acts closed the Boston Harbor until the colonists payed for all the tea. The British originally named them the Coercive Acts
This act gave the British East India Company a monopoly on selling tea to the colonies. It made the taxed tea cheaper than the smuggled tea. Tea Act
What was the name of Britain's law-making assembly (similar to our Congress)? Parliament
Who dressed up as Native Americans and dumped the British tea in the harbor? Sons of Liberty
Who was one of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty? Sam Adams
What law made it very expensive for colonists to import molasses? Sugar Act
What conflict was the Native Americans' way of protesting the American colonists moving into the lands west of the Appalachian Mountains? Pontiac's War
What was the name given to the gathering of 12 of the colonies established to address the colonies issues with the Intolerable Acts? 1st Continental Congress
The Treaty of Paris of 1763 brought about the end of which war? French and Indian War
What is the name of the organization the organized the Homespun Movement? Daughters of Liberty
Why did John Adams defend the British soldiers after the Boston massacre? He believed every person had a right to a fair trial
What was George Washington's role in the French & Indian War? He was a Colonel in the Virginia militia.
During this time, how did the American colonies govern themselves? The elected their own assemblies.
Created by: MsWoosley