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What are stipules? pair of leaf-like or scale-like appendages on either side of petiole
What is the fatty or waxy substance that coats a leaf epidermis called? cuticle
What tissue composed of thick-walled cells is found just beneath the epidermis of a pine leaf? hypodermis
In prepared slides of lilac leaves, why are some veins visible in cross section while others are visible in longitudinal section? Veins branch out in leaf, so some are cut in cross section while others are cut longitudinally
Which tissue of pine leaves differs from that of lilac leaves in its not being divided into two distinguishable layers? Mesophyll not divided into palisade and spongy
Of which two tissues are leaf veins primarily composed? xylem and phloem
Where are stomata generally most abundant in the majority of leaves? lower surface
Which layer of mesophyll is closest to the upper epidermis of a leaf? palisade mesophyll
In what kind of leaf would you expect to find resin canals? pine
The two cells that form and surround a stoma are known as guard cells
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