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Unit 55 additional w

Unit 55 additional words

HanziPinyin engish
救命 jiù mìng to save sb.'s life, help !
bīng (N) ice
fēng (V) to seal, to freeze
断裂 duànliè (V) to break, to crack
知觉 zhījué (N) consciousness
呜呜 wūwū (Ono) cry of animals
挣扎 zhēngzhá (V) to struggle
斧子 fǔzi (N) axe
fèng (N) crack, chink (Spalt)
恋恋不舍 liànliàn bù shě to be reluctant to part with
kàng (N) kang (a heatable brick bed)
危险 wēixiǎn (adj./N) dangerous, danger
减肥 jiǎn féi to lose weight
发愁 fāchóu (V) to worry, to be anxious
脂肪 zhīfáng (N) fat
多余 duōyú (adj.) unnecessary, superfluous, surplus
热量 rèliàng (N) quantity of heat
diào (V) used after certain verbs to indicate the consequence of an act
过度 guòdù (adj.) excessive, over-
长寿 chángshòu (adj.) long life, longevity (Langlebigkeit)
寿命 shòumìng (N) life-span, life
捕鱼 bǔ yú to catch fish, to fish
新鲜 xīnxiān (adj.) fresh
大爷 dàye (N) uncle (a respectful form of address for an elderly man)
和睦 hémù (adj.) concord, harmony (Eintracht)
心情 xīnqíng (N) frame of mind, mood
湖北省 húběi shěng (PN) Hubei Provice
黑熊 hēixióng (N) black bear
Created by: KatharinaHumbert



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