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Sadlier Unit 1

Unit 1 Level A Vocab

apparel (noun) clothing, that serves as dress or decoration (verb) to put clothes on, dress up Synonyms: arrire, garments Antonyms: undress, unclothe
besiege (verb) to attack with military forces; to cause worry or trouble Synonyms: hound, pressure
compress (verb) to press together; to reduce in size or volume (noun) a folded cloth or pad applied to an injury Synonyms: condense, shrink Antonyms: enlarge, swell
denounce (verb) to condemn openly; to accuse formally Synonyms: criticize, censure Antonyms: hail, acclaim
dispatch (verb) to send off for a purpose (noun) an official message; promptness; speed Synonyms: report, communication Antonyms: recall, withhold
douse (verb) to plunge into liquid, drench, to put our quickly, extinguish Synonyms: submerge, soak Antonyms: ignite
expressly (adverb) plainly, in so many words, for a particular purpose Synonyms: explicitly Antonyms: accidentally
famished (adjective) suffering severely from hunger or from a lack of something Synonyms: arrire, garments Antonyms: full, satisfied
forsake (verb) to give up, renounce, to leave, abandon Synonyms: desert, disown, leave Antonyms: keep, hold on
gainful (adjective) profitable, bringing in money or some special advantage Synonyms: moneymaking, profitable Antonyms: unprofitable
immense (adjective) very large or great, beyond ordinary means of measurement Synonyms: enormous, vast, gigantic Antonyms: small, tiny
inept (adjective) totally without skill or appropriateness Synonyms: unskilled Antonyms: skillful, adroit
ingenious (adjective) showing remarkable originality, inventiveness, resourcefulness Synonyms: clever, imaginative Antonyms: unimaginative
instantaneous (adjective) done in an instant; immediate Synonyms: quick, prompt Antonyms: delayed, slow, gradual
irk (verb) to annoy, trouble, make weary Synonyms: bother, vex, irritate Antonyms: please, delight
libel (noun) written statement about someone that falsely harms their reputation (verb) to write or publish such a statement Synonyms: slander, slur, smear, defame
misgiving (noun) a feeling of fear, doubt or uncertainty Synonyms: worry, qualm Antonyms: confident
oaf (noun) a stupid person; a big, clumsy, slow individual Synonyms: clod, bonehead
recede (verb) to go or move backward; to become more distant Synonyms: retreat, back up Antonyms: advance, come closer
repast (noun) a meal, food Synonyms: victuals
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