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Roots and Stems

With which specific region of roots is this exercise concerned? region of maturation
In which tissues do the following originate? Root hairs? Lateral roots? epidermal region of differentiation; pericycle
What evidence of the food-storage function of cortex is present in buttercup roots? granules in cortex cells
Which tissue surrounds and borders the stele of a dicot root? Which tissues comprise the stele? endodermis pericycle, xylem, and phloem
What is the function of vascular cambium? Usually develops between the primary xylem and phloem and produces secondary xylem and phloem.
What term is used to describe the bands of fatty substances that are found on the inner surfaces of the endodermal cell walls? Casparian strips
Is a pith present in all roots? If not, in which roots is it present? No Monocots
As lateral roots develop inside a primary root, through which tissues must they grow to reach the surface? Through the endodermis , cortex and epidermis
From which tissue do lateral roots arise? pericycle
Between which tissues is the vascular cambium located? Between primary xylem and phloem
Which tissue of stems is not present in dicot roots? pith
In which tissues are root hairs to be found? epidermal
Which tissue is immediately adjacent to the endodermis on the side toward the center? pericycle
In which region of the root does differentiation of cells into various cell types take place? zone of maturation
What is present in cells of the cortex that gives evidence of its function as a food-storage tissue? granules
Of what fatty substance are Casparian strips compised? suberin
What tissue produces cells that add to the girth (diameter) of the root? vascular cambium
What water-conducting tissue is present in the center of a dicot root? primary xylem
What protects the buds of dormant twigs? terminal bud scales
What are bundle scars? Sealed ends of vascular veins that led into petiole from stem.
Where, specifically, are axillary buds located? In the angle between the stem and the petiole of leaf
What structures associated with gas exchange are found throughout stem internodes? lenticels
What is the difference between bud scale scars and leaf scars? Bud scale scars result in a series of narrow linear raised regions around the "stem", usually one at start of each growing season; leaf scars are formed by the separation of leaf petiole from stem
Which tissue separates cortex from pith in an older alfalfa stem? What is the function of this tissue? The meristematic vascular cambium that gives rise to xylem and phloem Storage
What is the primary function of cortex and pith? Storing and sometimes manufacturing food
Which tissue conducts water and minerals in solution? xylem
If you saw cross sections of Begonia or Coleus and alfalfa stems side by side, what differences would be obvious? The arrangement of the vascular bundles and the presence of a pith in the dicot stem
Which stains are used to make the tissues of your handmade linden (basswood) slide more readily visible? Gentian violet and eosin
If you wished to make your handmade linden (basswood) slide permanent, which additional substances would you use? Xylene and balsam
Which two tissues are produced by the cork cambium, and which two tissues are produced by the vascular cambium? cork and phelloderm secondary xylem and secondary phloem
In which tissue(s) of the linden (basswood) stem are fiber cells conspicuous? phloem
Of what kind(s) of cells is an annual ring of xylem exposed? vessels and tracheids
What term is applied to stem parenchyma tissue that is not separated into cortex and pith? fundamental tissue
What are the small bumps of parenchyma tissue on the surface of the internodes called? lenticels
How is a bundle scar formed? when the leaf petiole separates from stem breaks a vascular vein
What is the function of a lenticel? Gas exchange
Which of the stems in this exercise has the most complex phloem? basswood
What stains are used in making your own linden (basswood) slide? Gentian violet and eosin
In addition to cork, what tissue is usually produced by the cork cambium? phelloderm cells
How are vascular bundles arranged in a monocot stem? Scattered through out the fundamental tissue, with the phloem oriented toward the outside
Which of the stems featured in this laboratory exercise is (are) NOT (a) dicot(s)? Corn
To make your own microscope slide of a linden (basswood) stem permanent, what substance would you add just before placing a coverslip on it? Balsam
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