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Unit 53 additional w

Unit 53 additional words

HanziPinyin english
礼节 lǐjié (N) courtesy, etiquette
xiàn (V) to offer, to dedicate
沱茶 tuóchá (N) a bowl-shaped compressed mass of tea leaves
莎罐 shāguàn (N) earthen pot
hōng (Ono) boom
礼貌 lǐmào (N) courtesy, politeness
蜂蜜 fēngmì (N) honey
核桃仁 hétáorén (N) walnut meat
丰富 fēngfù (adj.) rich, abundant
桂皮 guìpí (N) Chinese cinnamon, cassia bark
jiāng (N) ginger
zhǔ (V) to cook, to boil
人生 rénshēng (N) life
哲理 zhélǐ (N) philosophy
大理 Dàlǐ (PN) Dali (city in Yunnan Province)
白族 báizú (PN) Bai ethnic group, mainly inhibiting Yunnan Province
我的妈呀 wǒ de mā ya oh my god
榴莲 liúlián (N) durian
炸弹 zhàdàn (N) bomb
就算 jiùsuàn (con.) even if
gǔ (M) mw for gas, smell, strength etc
玩艺 wányì (N) thing
恶心 ěxin (adj) disgusting, to feel nauseated
酒吧 jiǔbā (N) bar (room)
进入 jìnrù (V) to enter, to come into
营业时间 yíngyè shíjiān business hours
营业 yíngyè to do business
顾客 gùkè (N) customer, shopper, client
pào (V) to hang about, to dally
其次 qícì (Pr) next, secondly, then
目的 mùdì (N) purpose, aim, objective
销售 xiāoshòu (V) to sell
孔雀 kǒngquè (N) peacock
Created by: KatharinaHumbert



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