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Medical Terminology

Oral Exam 1

Actinic Keratosis 1. Word root-Actin-radiation/Suffix-ic-pertaining to/Word Root-kerat-hard/Suffix-osis-condition of 2.precancerous condition of the skin caused by exposure to sunlight 3. After coming back from Mexico, Tom found out he had Actinic Keratosis.
Achondroplasia 1. Prefix-A-without/Word root-chondr-cartilage/o-combining vowel/Suffix-plasia-formation, growth 2.without cartilage formation 3. I have a classmate that is 3 feet 8 inches tall due to Achondroplasia.
Autologous transfusion 1. Word root-Aut-self/o-combining vowel/suffix-logous-study of 2.transfusion of blood donated by a patient for his or her use 3. Carla needed an Autologous transfusion to increase her blood volume.
Basal Cell Carcinoma 1.Word root-Carcin-cancer/Suffix-oma-tumor 2. skin tumor that arises from the epidermis 3. We had an assignment due on Basal Cell Carcinoma.
Bradykinesia 1.Prefix-Brady-slow/Word root-kines-motion/Suffix-ia-condition of 2. Abnormal slow movements 3. Some patients that are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease develop Bradykinesia.
Chondrectomy 1.Word root-Chondr-cartilage/Suffix-ectomy-surgical removal 2. surgical removal or excision of cartilage associated w/a joint 3. My mom can't straighten out her left index finger due to having a Chondrectomy.
Dermatoautoplasty 1.Word root-Dermat-skin/o-combining vowel/Word root-aut-self/o-combining vowel/suffix-plasty-surgical repair 2. surgery in which the patient's own skin is used as a graft 3. Tina had a bad face lift done and the surgeon need to do an Dermatoautoplasty.
Dermatoheteroplasty 1.Word root-Dermat-skin/o-combining vowel/prefix-hetero-another person/Suffix-plasty-surgical repair 2.procedure when skin is used from another person for grafting 3.My sister needed me to have a Dermatoheteroplasty so that the surgeon can fix her nose.
Dermatoplasty 1.Word root-Dermat-skin/o-combining vowel/Suffix-plasty-surgical repair 2.surgical repair of the skin 3. John got a gastric sleeve done and the surgeon needed to do a Dermatoplasty too.
Dermatology 1.Word root-Dermat-skin/o-combining vowel/Suffix-logy-study of 2.medical field that specializes in the integumentary system 3. Bella needed a dermatology appointment for her acne breakout.
Dyskinesia 1.Prefix-Dys-bad, abnormal/Word root-kines-motion/Suffix-ia-condition of 2. difficulty in movement 3. Dyskinesia is considered a neurological disorder.
Electromyography 1.Word root-electr-electricity/o-combining vowel/Word root-my-muscle/o-combining vowel/Suffix-graphy-recording process 2.procedure that provides electrical stimulation of a muscle + records+ analyzes it 3. I was scheduled for an Electromyography today.
Epicondylitis 1.Prefix-Epi-over/Word root-condyl-knuckle of joint/Suffix-itis-inflammation 2.inflammation of bony elevations near the elbow joint 3. I had pain in my elbow and my doctor diagnosed me with Epicondylitis.
Epiphyseal fracture 1. Prefix-Epi-over, above/Suffix-al-break in the bone 2. fracture involving the epiphyseal plate 3. Epiphyseal fractures are common among children.
Hyperhidrosis 1.Prefix-Hyper-excessive/Word root-hidr-sweat/Suffix-osis-condition of 2. condition of excessive sweat 3. My husband's clothes are always soaked because of his Hyperhidrosis.
Kaposi’s sarcoma 1.Word root-Sarc-flesh, meat/Suffix-oma-tumor 2. form of skin cancer arising from connective tissue of the dermis 3. Kaposi's sarcoma is common among patients with AIDS.
Kyphosis 1.Word root-Kyph-hump/Suffix-osis-abnormal 2.a spine deformity with a posterior curve of the thoracic spine 3.My doctor told me, since I have osteoporosis that one day I will have Kyphosis too.
Melanoma 1.Word root-Melan-skin/Suffix-oma-tumor 2. dangerous skin cancer 3. A small percentage of people are diagnosed with Melanoma, also known as, "Black Tumor."
Mediastinum 1.Prefix-media-middle/ Word root-stinum-space between pleural sacs 2.central compartment of the thoracic cavity 3.The mediastinum is located in the chest between the lungs.
Meniscitis 1.Word root-Meniscus/Suffix-itis-inflammation 2. inflammation of the meniscus 3. I've ran track for so long, if I don't be careful I will get Meniscitis again.
Myashthenia gravis 1.Word root-Myashth-muscle/Suffix-enia-weakness/gravis-serious 2. a condition caused by a progressive failure of muscles to respond to a nerve stimulation 3. Myashthenia gravis happens in both men and women and it's not inherited.
Myorrhaphy 1.Word root-Myo-skin/Suffix-rrhaphy-suturing 2.surgical procedure that sutures the torn ends of a muscle 3. Zeke Elliot had to have a Myorrhapy done, after getting injured in last night's game.
Onychocryptosis 1.Word root-Onych-nail/o-combining vowel/Word root-crypt-hidden/Suffix-osis-condition of 2.a nail buried in the skin due to abnormal growth 3. Onychocryptosis is very painful to have and causes discomfort.
Onychomycosis 1.Word root-Onych-nail /Word root-myc-skin/Suffix-osis-condition of 2.fungal infection of one or more nails 3. My Dermatologist told me I got Onychomycosis, which explains my toenails being discolored.
Osteomalacia 1.Wood root-Oste-bone/o-combining vowel/Word root-malac-softening/Suffix-ia-condition of 2.a gradual and painful softening of bones 3. My grandmother was diagnosed with osteomalacia, which explains why shes so brittle.
Osteosarcoma 1.Word root-Oste-bone/o-combining vowel/Word root-sarc-meat, flesh/ Prefix-oma-tumor 2. bone cancer arising from connective tissue, usually within the bone 3. My grandfather has Osteosarcoma and is always in constant pain.
Osteitis deformans 1.Word root-Oste-bone/Suffix-itis-inflammation/deforans-failure 2. disease that results in bone deformities due to acceleration of bone loss 3. When my friend's baby was born, they detected he had osteitis deformans and would have problems walking.
Osteoplasty 1.Word root-Oste-bone/o-combining vowel/Suffix-plasty-surgical repair 2. surgical repair of bone 3. Ken has metastatic bone disease and needed to hav an osteoplasty done.
Petechiae 1. Word root-Petechi-small red, purple/Suffix-ae-many 2. small red dots appearing on the skin surface as a sign of a potentially serious disorder 3. I had a change in appearance of my skin and thought it was a rash but found out it was Petechiae.
Pruritus 1.Word root-Prurit-itching/Suffix-us-pertaining to 2. itchy skin 3. People who have eczema, tend to have Pruritus.
Rhytidectomy 1.Word root-Rhytid-wrinkle/Suffix-ectomy-surgically remove 2. plastic surgery in which skin wrinkles are surgically removed 3. I hate the wrinkles on my forehead and decided to have a Rhytidectomy done.
Rhytidoplasty 1.Word root-Rhyitid-wrinkle/o-combining vowel/Suffix-plasty-surgically repair 2.surgical repair of skin wrinkles 3. Women in their later years get Rhytidoplasty done to look more youthful.
Seborrheic dermatitis 1.Word root-Seborrhe-sebum/Suffix-ic-excessive/Word root-dermat-skin/Suffix-itis-inflammation 2. inherited form of skin inflammation characterized by excessive sebum production 3. Sharon passed down Seborrheic dermatitis to her daughter Caroline.
Squamos Cell Carcinoma 1.Squamos cell-epidermis layer/Word root-Carcin-cancer/Suffix-oma-tumor 2. skin tumor that arises from a superficial layer of the epidermis 3. I noticed skin discolorations and raised lumps on my arm and found out I have Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
Systemic lupus erythematosus 1. Root word-Eryth-red/ Suffix-us-pertaining to 2. Chronic, progressive disease of connective tissue affecting the skin and many other organs 3. One of my good friends was diagnose with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and started losing her hair.
Trichomycosis 1.Word root-Trichomyc-hair fungus/Suffix-osis-infection 2. fungal infection of hair 3. Trichomycosis is a common skin condition and topical antibiotics are prescribed.
Tenorrhaphy 1.Word root-Ten-stretch tendon/o-combining vowel/Suffix-rrhaphy-suturing 2. a surgery that sutures a tear in a tendon 3. I tared my tendon while doing sprints and needed to have a Tenorrhaphy done.
Tenodynia 1.Word root-Ten-Stretch tendon/o-combining vowel/Suffix-ia-condition of pain 2. pain in a tendon 3. Lori has been practicing soccer everyday and started having Tenodynia.
Poikilocytosis 1.Word root-Poikilocyt-irregular cell/Suffix-osis-condition of 2. large, irregularly shaped red blood cells 3. Tori had blood work done and the results showed she has Poikilocytosis.
Polymyositis 1. Prefix-Poly-many/Word root-myos-muscle/Suffix-itis-inflammation 2. inflammation of many muscles simultaneously 3. Cancer may trigger Polymyositis and patients may need a muscle biopsy.
Sternocleidomastoid 1. Word root-Stern-chest, sternum/o-combining vowel/word root-mastoid-resembling a breast 2. originates at the manubrium of the sternum and the clavicle 3. Charles got into a car accident today and injured his sternocleidomastoid.
Staphlococcemia 1.Word root-Staphlococc-Staphylyococcus/Suffix-emia-condition of blood 2. presence of staphylococcus bacterium in the blood 3. Dr. Towns ordered blood work to see if the patient had Staphlococcemia.
Streptococcemia 1.Word root-Streptococc-Streptococcus/Suffix-emia-infection of blood 2. the presence of streptococcus bacterium in the blood 3. In lab today, we had a sample of blood and concluded that the person had Streptococcemia.
Spondylarthritis 1.Word root-Spondylarthr-vetebra joint/Suffix-itis-inflammation 2. inflammation of intervertebral joints 3. A person with Spondylarthritis will have major back pain and could be kept from working.
Subcutaneous 1.Prefix-sub-below/Word root-cutane-skin/Suffix-ous-pertaining to 2. below the skin 3. The nurse practitioner gave me a subcutaneous injection into the subcutis.
Temporomandibular joint disease 1.Word root-Temporomandibul-Temporal/mandible/Suffix-ar-pertaining to 2. inflammation of the temporomandibular joint that results in frequent, painful dislocations 3. A person who has Temporomandibular joint disease will have severe jaw pain.
Tenosynovitis 1.Word root-Ten-stretch tendon/o-combining vowel/Word root-synov-synovial/Suffix-itis-inflammation 2. form of tendonitis that also involves inflammation of the synovial membrane 3. Many track runners get Tenosynovitis and makes it painful to run.
Tenomyoplasty 1.Word root-Ten-stretch tendon/o-combining vowel/Word root-myo-muscle/Suffix-plasty-surgical repair 2. surgical procedure involving the repair of both muscle and tendon 3. Richard is scheduled to have a Tenomyoplasty done tomorrow at 8am.
Vertebroplasty 1.Word root-Vertebr-vetebra/o-combining vowel/Suffix-plasty-surgical repair 2. surgical procedure that repairs damaged or diseases vertebrae 3. My dad was thrown 10 feet on a fishing vessel and needed to have a vertebroplasty done.
Xeroderma 1.Word root-Xer-dry/o-combining vowel/Word root-derm-skin/Suffix-a-singular 2. condition characterized by abnormally dry skin 3. Psoriasis causes xeroderma and makes a person very uncomfortable, especially at night.
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