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Unit 2 Summative

13 Colonies Review

What was the journey of slaves from Africa to the New World called? Middle Passage
What group of colonists, led by William Penn established Pennsylvania? Quakers
What document was written by male settlers of the Plymouth Colony and served as the first form of self-government in New England? Mayflower Compact
This religious group left England and created the Massachusetts Bay colony in the 1630s. Puritans
What is the term for a person who signed a contract to work for 4-7 years in order to pay off his/her debt for passage to America? Indentured Servant
What was the first representative body of government in the British Colonies in North America? House of Burgesses
The first permanent English Colony in North America established in 1607. Jamestown
What was the period of religious revival in the 1730s and 1740s? Great Awakening
What was the major workforce on southern plantations? Slaves
What colony did William Penn found? Pennsylvania
What did the colonies export to England? Raw material
Which region's economy was based upon large plantations and cash crops? Southern Colonies
What group of people did James Oglethorpe intend to settle Georgia? English debtors
What regions were involved in the Triangular Trade? Europe, Africa, North America
How did the establishment of Parliament strengthen the rights of English citizens? It gave people representation in the government.
What did the Great Awakening result in? Independent thinking and feelings of equality
What was the main reason for schools in New England? Give people the ability to read the bible.
Which colony was founded by Lord Baltimore as a place for all religions, particularly Catholics? Maryland
Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson were early leaders in which colony? Rhode Island
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