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Vida y Muerte C

Vocabulario que comienza con C

cadaver corpse
camioneta pickup truck
cantidad quantity/amount
cargar to load
cargo charge
casi almost
caso case
castigado punishment
celda jail cell
cintura waist
claridad clarity
colgar to hang up
cometer to commit
cometido committed
compartir to share
compartido shared
compartimiento compartment
conductor driver
confianza confidence
conforme as
confundido confused
consideradas considered
contar to tell
contra against
contrario opposite
contratar to hire
contratos contracts
corte court
cortina curtain
carcel jail
crecer to grow
criar to raise (a child)
crimen crime
cuarto room
cubrir to cover
culpa fault
culpable guilty
cumplir to complete/carry out
Created by: bkearns