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Vida y Muerte A

Vocabulario que comienza con A

abogado lawyer
abriendo opening
acerca de about
actualmente currently
acusar to accuse
adelante forward
ademas besides
adentro inside
admitir to admit
agitado agitated
alzar to pick up
aliviado relieved
ambiente environment
amenaza threat
amenazar to threaten
ampliar to extend/increase/expand
aun even
aparentemente apparently
apariencia appearance
aprender to learn
apretar to squeeze/tighten
aprevecharse to make the most of
apuntar to point
armas weapons
arresgar to risk
arruinar to ruin
asesinato murder
asesino murderer/killer
asignado assigned
asuntos matters
asustar to scare/frighten
asustado frightened/scared
atormentar to torment
atrapar to catch (someone doing something)
aunque although
avanzar to advance
Created by: bkearns