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Psych Chpt. 1&2

Psychology 1

Psychology Science that seeks to understand BEHAVIOR & MENTAL PROCESSES // Study of mind
Mental Processes Internal
Behavior External
Structuralism Breaking down thoughts & mental activities (INTROSPECTION)
Functionalism Figures out HOW thoughts & mental activities lead to FUNCTION & ADAPTATION in environment
Gestalt Conciousness- sum of parts don't equal whole. UNITY of experience
PSYCHOanalysis UNCONCIOUS conflicts w/in self
Wundt Structuralism. Measuring thoughts. Introspection- "looking inward" by rating every feeling
Titcher Structuralism. Measing physical sensations by Introspection.
INTROSPECTION "Looking inward"
Freud "Insight Therapy" brings unconcious to concious awareness
Behaviorism How ppl act b/c of past learning
Humanistic Personality. How INDIVIDUALS percieve & interpret events
Cognitive Links mental proccesses + nervous system.
BioPsychology Nervous system affects actions
Evolutinary behavior+mental processes change to increase survivability
Cultural Cultures reflect & SHAPE psychological processes of members
Operational Defenition HOW did you measure? What method did you use? (OBJECTIVE def. of a measure) ex: happiness
self-report operational measure where YOU report how you feel
behavioral measure operational measure where researcher measures physical response
physiological measure operatinal measure of body/physical reaction
Variable Defenition WHAT is being measured?
Corelation is.... NOT CAUSATION!
Reverse causation Getting married causes being happy Being happy causes getting married
Reciprical Causation Helping others leads to happiness Happiness leads to helping others
Validity Can we TRUST the findgs? are we measuring the CORRECT variable?
Internal Validity only INDEPENDENT variable influences DEPENDENT variable
External Validity EXTENt to which FINDINGS generalize to REAL WORLD
Experimental Research Predict & Explain behaviors + mental processes
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