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Chem I Vocab - Wk 5

Chem I Vocab - Wk 5 and 6

a, an not, without
acid, acri sour, sharp
ag, act move, proceed
al, allo other, different
alpha first
amin amine (amino acid, vitamin) amine
amph double, both
an apart
-ane single covalent bond
-ate negatively charged ion
anti against, opposite, inhibit
aqu water
baro pressure
beta second
bi two
bio life, living
calor heat
carb coal, carbon
cat down, negative
cau, caus burn, heat
chem chemical
chrom color
co, com with, together
cry cold
matter anything that occupies space and has mass
atoms submicroscopic particles that are the fundamental building blocks of matter
molecules two or more atoms joined to one another in specific geometric arrangements
states of matter solid, liquid, gas (plasma)
solid atoms or molecules packed closed to each other in a fixed shape
crystalline atoms or molecules arranged in a geometric pattern with long-range, repeating order
amorphous atoms or molecules NOT in any particular pattern and without long-range, repeating order
liquid atoms or molecules are close to each other but they are free to move around and by each other
gas atoms or molecules are separated by large distances and are free to move relative to one another
compressible forcing gas molecules to become closer to each other
pure substance composed of only one type of atom or molecule
mixture composed of two or more different types of atoms or molecules
element a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances
compound a substance composed of two or more elements in fixed definite proportions.
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