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DCH Chapter 1

which signs is ASL a mixture of? French and Martha's Vineyard sign
what usage ranking in the US is ASL? 3rd
define sign language a visual language that uses and motions, facial expressions, and body movements to convey a message
t/f : years ago Deaf children were discouraged to use ASL in Deaf schools? true
Dr. Mason Cogswell wealthy doctor who had a Deaf daughter named Alice
Thomas Gallaudet -Cogswell's young neighbor who tutored Alice -went to Europe where Deaf children were taught sign (he wanted to bring this back to the states)
Laurent Clerc -priest -started a school for the Deaf with Gallaudet
Abbe Sicard Clerc's teacher in Paris
Where did Gallaudet and Clerc meet? at a sign language demonstration in London
April 15, 1817 the American asylum for the instruction of the deaf and dumb opened in Hartford, CT
Juan Pablo de Bonet 1st sign language with manual alphabet
abbe Charles michel de l'eppe 1st school for Deaf in Paris
Dr. Thomas Gallaudet started school for Deaf in Hartford, CT with Clerc
Who did Clerc marry? Why was it special? -Eliza Crocker Boardman -1st Deaf-Deaf marriage in the US
Edward Miner Gallaudet -son of Thomas Gallaudet -found world's 1st and still only college for Deaf
William Stokoe -wrote "sign language structure" -established ASL as a true language
Who did Thomas Gallaudet marry? How many of their children were hearing/Deaf? -the Deaf Sophia Fowler (alumnae from the school for Deaf) -all their children were hearing
Alexander Graham Bell -his mother was Deaf so he signed fluently -led an oralist movement -wanted to stop signing in schools -hearing teachers replaced Deaf ones
define Deaf community Deaf and HOH people who use sign language and share in Deaf culture
define Deaf people as they see themselves a linguistic and cultural minority, NOT a disability group
define Deaf culture norms, beliefs, and values shared by the Deaf community
define sign languge only distinctive aspect of Deaf culture
Deaf social customs based on communication needs and not thought of as a "culture" like Italian or Irish
Deaf clubs and their importance -socialized, shared news, organized for political issues, outing, events, entertainment 1. nourished sense of group loyalty/community 2. maintained culture 3. preserved language -captioned TV was the decline of clubs
Dark ages in Deaf history -strong oralism -lack of understanding -Deaf people were made to feel ashamed and lower in status for using sign in public
Deaf Renaissance ASL poetry, plays, story telling, humor, folklore, mime, etc.
Deaf children of Deaf adults tend to be more confident because they are understood at home in language and shared norms and values they also share the "Deaf Experience"
hearing people in authority -view Deafness as a disorder/disability/deficiency/deviance -they don't know the "Deaf perspective" due to lack of communication -they see the "can't" and Deaf people see the "can" 1. school staff 2. rehab workers 3. MD's 4. mental health providers
is ASL a part of American culture yes, now it is through theater, poetry, songs, mime, and storytelling
name 4 benefits of ASL -silent communication -long distance conversation -underwater communication -animals can learn
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