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Exotic Animal Mgmt

Hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs

What is the life span of a hamster? 18-24 months
What is the adult weight of a hamster? M: 85-130 g; F: 95-150 g
What is the body temp of a hamster? 98.6-101.4
What is the heart rate of a hamster? 300-500 bpm
What is the respiratory rate of a hamster? 60-220 bpm
When does a hamster reach puberty? 45-75 days
What is the estrous cycle (heat) of a hamster? 3-4 days
What is the gestation period for a hamster? 15 days
What is the weaning age for a hamster? 20-25 days
What is a mesocricetus auratus? Golden or Syrian hamster
What is a cricetus cricetus? European hamster
What is a phodopus spp? Russian dwarf hamster
What is malocclusion ? The improper alignment of the teeth
Hamsters are unable to what? Regurgitate
Rodents have what glands? Sebaceous scent glands; hamsters: bilateral flank glands; gerbils: ventral gland
What do hamsters practice in order to obtain B vitamins that are produced by bacterial action in the colon? Coprophagy (eating feces)
What should be done just prior to parturition (giving birth) with hamsters and gerbils? Cage should be cleaned and stocked with enough food to last a week
What can happen if a hamster is disturbed after parturition (giving birth)? Cannibalism
What do hamsters eat? Omnivores; fresh pelleted daily diet with small amount of fresh foods given as treats (removed after- hours)
Secondary to chronic kidney disease, lowered immune function, systemic disease, or malnutrition, geriatric hamsters (>1.5 years old) can develop what? Dermatitis
What is acariasis? Rash caused by mites
What is alopecia? Hair loss
What type of worms can hamsters get? Pinworms and tapeworms
What is lawsonia intracellularis? Bacteria that causes wet tail
What is proliferative ileitis? Wet tail- a serious infectious disease of hamsters
What is LCM (lymphocytic choriomengitis )? A zoonotic virus found naturally in wild mice populations
What is Tyzzer’s Disease? Clostridium piliforme, a fatal hepatoenteric infectious disease in hamsters, caused from stress
What is the #1 killer of rodents that undergo surgery? Hypothermia
What is the life span of a gerbil? 3-4 years
What is the adult weight of a gerbil? M: 65-120 g; F: 55-95 g
What is the body temp of a gerbil? 98.6 - 101.3
What is the heart rate of a gerbil? 360 bpm
What is the respiratory rate of a gerbil? 35-135 bpm
When does a gerbil reach puberty? 70-84 days
What is the estrous cycle (heat) of a gerbil? 4-7 days
What is the gestation period for a gerbil? 24-26 days
What is the weaning age for a gerbil? 21-30 days
What can result from excitement related to handling a gerbil? Epileptiform seizures
What is “Sore Nose” in gerbils? Facial eczema - moist dermatitis on face and nose caused by an accumulation of secretions from the Harderian gland
What is the preferred injection site on rodents? Subcutaneous (SQ)
Where should blood be collected from a rodent? Tail or saphenous vein
What is a cavia porcellus? Guinea Pig
Why is it important to gently handle young guinea pigs on a regular basis and expose them to a variety of foods? Because they are neophobic - mistrusting of anything new or unfamiliar
What could happen to a guinea pig is they are not breed before 6 months of age? Dystocia (difficult birth) because the symphysis (space between the pubic bone) will be less able to separate
What is the life span of a guinea pig? 5-7 years
What is the adult weight of a guinea pig? M: 900 g (2 lbs) - 1,200 g (2.6 lbs); F: 700 g (1.5 lbs) - 900 g (2 lbs)
What is the body temp of a guinea pig? 99-103.1
What is the heart rate of a guinea pig? 230-300 bpm
What is the respiratory rate of a guinea pig? 70 -130 bpm
When does a guinea pig reach puberty? 45-70 days
What is the estrous cycle (heat) of a guinea pig? 15-17 days
What is the gestation period for a guinea pig? 63-68 days
What is the weaning age for a guinea pig? 21 days
What do guinea pigs eat? Herbivores; commercial pellets, some fresh vegetables and limited amount of fresh fruits
What should be offered at all time to a guinea pig? Good quality grass hay
What respiratory disease are guinea pigs susceptible to? Bordetella bronchiseptica and Streptococcus pneumonia
What causes enterotoxemia in guinea pigs? Improper antibiotics (penicillins)
What can cause diarrhea in guinea pigs? Salmonellosis and Clostridial infections through fecal contamination of food
What is pododermatitis in rodents called? Bumblefoot
What is a capybara? Largest rodent in the world (semi-aquatic)
What is the adult weight and height of a capybara? About 100 lbs; about 2 ft tall
What is the life span of a capybara? About 12 years in captivity
What is the life span of patagonian cavies? About 14 years in captivity
What is the adult weight and height of patagonian cavies? 18 - 35 lbs; about 18 inches tall
Where can blood be drawn on a guinea pig? From the jugular and small quantities from ear veins or saphenous veins
What disorders would require a guinea pig to need a cystocentesis (procedure used to obtain a sample of urine with a needle directly from the urinary bladder) Cystitis (inflamation of bladder) and urolithiasis (stones)
Rodent anatomy: Monogastric; seasonally polyestrous (having more than one period of estrus in a year); spontaneous ovulators
What are the guinea pig breeds? American or English; Abyssinian (multi-directional hair); Peruvian (long hair); hairless; and teddy
How many mammary glands do gerbils have? 4 pairs
How many mammary glands do hamsters have? 6 or 7 pairs
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