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Lección1 Parte A

Hispanohablantes 1 - Imagina

el alma gemela soul mate, kindred spirit
la amistad friendship
el ánimo spirit, mood
el chisme gossip
la cita a ciegas blind date
el compromiso commitment, responsibility, engagement
el deseo desire
el divorcio divorce
la fidelidad faithfulness
la infidelidad unfaithfulness
el matrimonio marriage
la pareja couple
el riesgo risk
compartir to share
confiar en to trust in
contar con to rely on, to count on
coquetear to flirt
dejar a alguien to leave someone
dejar plantado(a) to stand someone up
discutir to argue
engañar to cheat, to deceive
ligar to flirt, to hook up
merecer to deserve
romper con to break up with
salir con to go out with
enamorase de to fall in love with
enojarse to get angry
estar harto(a) to be fed up with, to be sick of
llevarse bien to get along well
llevarse mal to get along badly
llevarse fatal to get along terribly
odiar to hate
ponerse pesado(a) to become annoying
quererse to love each other, to want each other
sentirse to feel
soñar con to dream about
tener celos de to be jealous of
tener vergüenza de to be ashamed of
Created by: msgonzalez411