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1.1 geography basics


what are the five basics that revolve geography location, place, region, movement, and human environment interaction
where a place is in relation to another place relative location
specific place on earth's surface using longitude an latitude absolute location
is a mixture of human and non human features of a given location place
is an area with a least one unifying physical or human features such as climate, landforms, culture, or history region
is how and why people, goods, and ideas move form on place to another movement
consider how people, their environment, their natural surroundings and how there environment effects them human economic interaction
model of earth with the same round shape as earth itself globe
geographers use photo maps, most photo's are aerial coming form satellite maps photographs
computer based on systems that stores and uses info linked to geographic locations geographic information system
net work of over 24 million satellites used to pin point locations with great accuracy these satellites orbit earth twice a day gps
maps sores in a computer or other digital equipment digital maps
mercator makes areas near the poles look bigger then they are map projections
shows nearly correct sizes of all areas robinson
Created by: KassieCarville