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Othello Vocabulary

Othello Vocabulary Quiz - 8/23/19

haply by chance/by luck/by accident
mayhap possibly/maybe
ay, aye yes
nay no
chaste pure
strumpet loose morals/prostitute/"slut"
wretch poor unfortunate soul
cuckold man who's wife has cheated on him
bawdy humorously bulgur in a sexual fashion/dealing with sexual matters in a comical way
chide (chid) chastise/chew out
naught nothing/zero
thither there
hither here
ere before
e'er ever
err error
anon by and by/soon
avaunt to go away
alas expression or sadness, grief, or pity
thee, thou, thy, thine you, you, your, yours
hitherto up until now
betwixt between
soliloquy speech someone makes onstage by themselves
hie to hurry
hark listen/pay attention
bide, bode live/dwell/stay
gall (verb) to irritate/(noun) irritated place
knave dishonest or unscrupulous man
villain bad guy/evil
betimes before the usual or expected time/early
Created by: ally122518