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Study Norwegian 10

To study the norwegian language, stack number 10 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian BokmålNotes
Fence Gjerd Fence and Gjerd have only e in common.
Between Mellom Between and Mellom share e.
Picture Blid Blid and picture share an i.
Belong Tilhører Tilhører has an ø in it.
Owns Eier Owns and eier don't have letters in common.
's -s Both shows ownership.
Bread Brød Bread is in a sandwich.
Digon Tokant A digon is only possible in other non-euclidean geometry, like spherical geometry.
Triangle Trekant A triangle is the simplest shape possible in euclidean geometry.
Quadrilateral Firkant A square is a regular quadrilateral.
Pentagon Femkant All simple pentagons add up to 540 degrees.
Hexagon Heksagon A hexagon has 6 sides.
Heptagon Heptagon A heptagon is the simplest shape where its regular form has irrational measurement of the internal angles.
Octagon Oktogon An octagon has 8 sides.
Nonagon Enneagon A nonagon has 9 sides
Decagon Dekagon A regular decagon internal angle is 144 degrees
Sphere Sfære A sphere is 3 dimensional.
Euclidean Geometry Euklidsk Geometri Euclidean Geometry is geometry taught at school.
Non-Euclidean Geometry Ikke-Euklidsk Geometri Non-Euclidean Geometry is geometries, for example spherical geometry.
Spherical Geometry Sfærisk Geometri In spherical geometry, all triangles' sum of all internal angles are more than 180 degrees.
Hyperbolic Geometry Hyperbolsk Geometri Hyperbolic geometry is a type of non-euclidean geometry.
Behind Bak Behind and Bak begin with b.
Created by: Nitrogen7