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19-20 Intro Quiz

19-20 PBS, Syllabus, School and Classroom Procedures Quiz

What is the first thing you should do upon entering your US History classroom? Make sure your computer is turned on, charging and logged in
On our United States History grading scale, how much are Tests worth? 40%
Which section of the board tells students what to do while the teacher is calling roll and setting up for class? Bell Work
What website will we be using for most of our assignments this year? Google Classroom
When is the best time to use the restroom or visit the water fountain? Passing time
On our United States History grading scale, how much is classwork worth? 30%
How can students and parents easily communicate with the US History teachers? Remind.com
When are you allowed to chew gum in class? Never
What are you NOT allowed to do at lunch? Save a seat for your friend
What does the "P" stand for in our "PRIDE" acronym? Potential
What does the "I" stand for in our "PRIDE" acronym? Integrity
What is our school vision? Success and pride in everything we do
What is a required material for this class? Black or blue ballpoint pen
What does PBS stand for? Positive Behavior Support
How many capital letters are in your school assigned e-mail address? 0
What is a major advantage of our online textbook? The reading level of the text can be dropped down by 2 grade levels
Created by: dacoburn