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Study Norwegian 9

To study the norwegian language, stack number 9 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian (Bokmål)Notes
Lamp Lampe Lampe has an extra e compared to lamp.
Mirror Speil Mirror and speil only have an i in common.
Under Under Under in English and Norwegian mean the same thing.
Table Bord Bord has four letters, and table has five letters.
Furniture Møbel Møbel has an ø in it.
Bread Brød Bread is made out of flour, dough, and water.
Hangs Henger Henger and hangs are just one letter of difference.
Above Over Over is both a word in Norwegian and English.
Read Leser Reading is taught in school.
Write Skriver Writing is also taught is school.
Wall Vegg A room has at least four walls, can have more.
English Engelsk English is the language that is used to study Norwegian.
Spanish Spansk The name for Spanish in Spanish is Español.
French Fransk The name for French in French is Français.
Portuguese Portugisisk The name for Portuguese in Portuguese is Português
Norwegian Norsk Norwegian and Norsk start with N.
Yours Dene Instead of deres, dene is yours (singular). This translation is for yours (singular).
Mine Mine Mine is both a word in English and Norwegian. Can also mean my.
Their Sine Sine is a trigonometrical function in English. Sine in Norwegian is Sinus.
Ours Våre Våre is vår with an extra e.
Our Vår Vår and våre are similar.
Red Rød Red is one of the colors in RGB.
Blue Blå Blue is also one of the colors in RGB.
Green Grønn Green is also one of the colors in RGB.
Pink Rosa Rosa is a word in Spanish and Norwegian, and mean the same thing, pink.
Indigo Indigo Indigo is a word in both English and Norwegian, and means the same thing.
Lime Limegrønn Limegrønn is a compound word in Norwegian, it is made up of Lime, and Grønn.
Created by: Nitrogen7