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Study Norwegian 7

To study the norwegian language, stack number 7 in this series.

EnglishNorwegian (Bokmål)Notes
Eleven Elleve Eleven and elleve start with e.
Twelve Tolv Twelve has 6 letters, while tolv has 4 letters.
Thirteen Tretten Thirteen is considered to be an unlucky number in usual western culture.
Fourteen Fjorten Fourteen is the number after thirteen.
Fifteen Femten Fifteen is the middle between 10 and 20.
Sixteen Seksten Sixteen is the age that at you can drive a car in most states in the US.
Seventeen Sytten Seventeen is the year before you become an adult in most countries.
Eighteen Atten 18 is the age you can drive a car in Norway.
Nineteen Nitten Nineteen is the last number before twenty.
Twenty Tjue Twenty and Tjue start with T.
Number Tall Tall is a word in Norwegian and English, but they do not mean the same thing.
Bread Brød Bread and brød both end with d.
Sunday Søndag Sunday is the first day of the week in some calendars but last day of the week in other calendars.
Monday Mandag Monday is the first day of the week in Norway.
Tuesday Tirsdag Tuesday is usually the election day in the USA.
Wednesday Onsdag Wednesday is the fourth day of the week in the United States of America. Wednesday is the third day of the week in Norway.
Thursday Torsdag Thursday is named after the god Thor in both languages, English and Norwegian.
Friday Fredag Friday is associated with blue in Thailand.
Saturday Lørdag Saturday is the last day of the week in the United States, and the sixth day of the week in Norway.
Floor Gulv The floor is gulvet, since -et also makes a noun definite.
Store Butikk Store and Butikk have only one letter in common, which is t.
Here Her Here and her have one difference, here has an e, which her does not.
There Der There is a longer word, der is a shorter word.
Live Bor Live and bor does not have any letters in common.
Read Leser You are reading this right now.
Write Skriver I wrote (typed) this.
Lies Ligger Lies and Ligger begin with L.
In I In is two letters, and I is one letter.
Created by: Nitrogen7