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Stack 5

ningun no
corazon heart
diablos devils
necesitamos we need
atras behind
durante during
dices you say
nuestros our
abajo down
dejar leave
hago I make
suficiente sufficient
gustaria would like
tierra land
cara face
siquiera even
genial cool!
cree believe
supuesto supposed
justo fair
juego game
ninguna any
matar kill
dicen they say
amoo love
algunos some
conozco I know
clase class
maldito damned
hubiera would have
aunque even though
pueda I can
dime tell me
igual same
comida food
cuerpo body
encontrar find
creer beleive
realidad reality
saben you know
deberias you should
fui I was
hagas you do
maldita damn
comer eat
dar give
necesitas you need
oportunidad opportunity
punto point
misma same
afuera outside
pensar think
fueron were
estabas you were
vivo alive
haga make
queda remains
hacen make
algunas some
basta enough
escuela school
Created by: Andrew Hornsby