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Stack 4

debes you must
casi almost
forma shape
dicho saying
sabia I knew
dentro inside
hice I did
camino path
ayuda help
hacia toward
vi saw
miedo fear
deberia should
poder power
seria would be
mientras while
dijiste said
espero I hope
cualquier any
viejo old
debemos we must
deja let
hablando talking
do gives
pasar happen
cual which one
viene comes
volver return
toma take
caso case
hare I will do
vete go away
adelante ahead
iba I was going
juntos together
dame give to me
unico only
dejame let me
cerca near
sigue follow
habla speaks
supongo I suppose
manera way
quieren they wany
llama call
venir come
morir die
hiciste did
ojos eyes
escucha listen out
entrar enter
Created by: Andrew Hornsby