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Stack 3

sera it will be
haciendo doing
habia there was
ven come
debe should
tenia I had
conmigo with me
quien who
sido been
tienen they have
luego then
visto viewed
haces you do
importa import
contigo with you
ve go
oye hears
parte part
haber to have
saber to know
queria wanted to
aun yet
veces times
nuestra our
hacerlo make it
cada face
hizo did
veo I see
tanto so much
razon reason
ustedes your
esos those
van go
quiza maybe
debo I must
alguna any
cierto true
ud you
unos some
estos these
salir go out
realmente really
demasiado too
pueden they can
hemos we have
lado side
entre between
digo I say
algun some
serio serious
cuidado watch out
somos we are
ves you see
vaya go
cuenta account
quizas maybe
esas those
pues well
pasado past
pense I thought
todavia still
Created by: Andrew Hornsby