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chapter 8

medical coding

QuestionAnswernotes its not going be long
agglutinate means clump together blood cells are normally biconcave , with a deperssed center. those thate are shaped differently often have difficulty in carrying out their fuctions .
serum is plasma minus the clotting protiens serum=plasma-(prothrombin + fibrinogen)
plasma is the liquid portion of blood plasma is composed of 90% water , inorganic substances like calcium postssium and sodium, organic sunstances like glucose, amino aicds , fats , cholestronl , hormones, waste prodcts , plasma protiens like serum albumin , serum globulin , and two clottingP
aggultinogens are antigens in the blood that nullify or neutralize the antigens. the pressence of aggultinogens can cause the blood to clump.
cytokines secerte cells of the immune system that direct immune celluar instructions. the Rh Factor antigen is extermely important in pregency because a missmacth between mother and fetus can casue erythroblastosis fetalis, or HDN (hemloyic disease of the newborn) this diease mistakes the fetus blood cells for a forgin body and destroysth.
interleukins are types of cytokine that sends messages among leukocytes to direct protective action. lymphocytes ( b cells or T cells ) they sercte lymphokins. while monocytes and macrophages the secerte monokines.
gen producing second line of nonspefic immunity is phagocytosis , inflammation , prexia and the protective protiens are also part of the seocnd line of defese this includes interferons , complemeant protiens and the NK cells theis is a speific kind of lymphnocyte acts nonsepcificlly to kill cells that have geen infected by cetrtain viruses and cancer cells.
globin protein subtance
in substance
kine movement
leukin white substance
phill attraction
poeitin forming substence
siderin iron substance
stasis controlling , stopping
folate deficiency anemia is Anemia as a result of a lack of folate from dietary , drug-induced , congeinial, or other casues.
pernicious anemia progressive anemia that results from a lack of intrinsic factor essential for the absorption of vitamin B12.
sideropeina a condtion of having reduced numbers of RBCs because if chroinc blood loss, inadequate iron intake, or unspecified cases . a type of iron-deficiency anemia.
lytic pretaining to destruction
cytosis condtion of abnormal increase in cells .
glucose-6 phosphate dehydrogense is an inherited enzyme deficinency that causes hemoltic anemia.
thalass/o Sea
rrhagic pretaining to bursting forth
plast/o formation
myel/o bone marrow
blast/o embyrotic , immutre
phthisis wasting
penia condtion of deficiency
ar pertaining to
cocagul/o clotting
phila condtion of attraction
purpur/o purple
purpura bleeding disorder characterized by hemorrhage into the tissue.
eosin/o rosy-colored
bas/o base
met(a) change
speptic/o infection
syn together
drome run
sarc/o flesh
oid like
vera true
crit sepertate
log/o study
fusion pouring
stasis controling or stopping
homo same
morphology is the study of sha or form of blood cells . blood cells makeup 45% of the total blood volume , and plasma up the other 55%. Whole blood = blood cells (45%) + Plasma (55%)
exia condtion nonspecific immunity refers to the various ways the body protects itself from many types of pathogens , without having to notice them. the methodsof first line of defense are chemical, phyisical and mechanical. the specfic immuny is natural ( gnetic or aquired) .
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