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Practice Test

A broken glass suction bottle is returned to Decontamination, Which of the following should the technician do? Place it in an appropriate rigid container.
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provide healthcare and safety hazard and risk information on which of the following? Chemical
Which of the following generally describes the correct sequences for the traffic workflow in areas which medical devices are processed? Decontamination, assembly, packaging, sterilization, and sterile storage
Acrylic nails are not permitted to be worn in Prep and Packaging because they can Allow fungus to grow beneath them.
Which of the following agencies would approve the disinfectants used on floors and walls in the Sterile Processing and distribution Department? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Every healthcare facility has an organizational structure, or chart, that outline Departmental Authority Relationships
"Dirty to clean" is an SPD term used to describe Work flow
What are the major physical areas of a typical Sterile Processing department? Decontamination, Assembly and Sterile Processing, Sterile Storage, and Distribution
Loose fitting clothing and jewelry should NOT be worn in SPD because it Can caught in moving equipment.
Warm-up jackets are recommended to be worn in the Prep and Packaging area for the purpose of Preventing bacterial shedding from bare arms.
When lifting heavy objects, which of the following muscles should bear most of the weight? Leg
A patient contracts an infection from an improperly sterilized surgical instrument. This is an example of Nosocomial Infection.
Coronary artery bypass surgery may be performed on patients with Ateriosclerosis.
All of the following are classified as critical medical devices EXCEPT Thermometers.
The function of the gastrointestinal system is to Provide the body with nutrients.
A liver biopsy would be performed to check for which disease? Hepatitis C virus
The growth of pathogenic bacteria in living tissue is called Sepsis.
Nosocomial infections can be prevented by all of the following EXCEPT Increasing the patient length of stay.
Healthcare workers are most likely to be infected by which of the following agents? Hepatitis B
A staff member brings several contaminated trays to the SPD on a cart and requests that replacement trays be put on the same cart. The technician should Clean and dry the transport cart and send it to Distribution for the trays.
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