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Final exam

Reformers during the Prog. Era fought to change all but one of the following aspects of society? The size of the United States military.
Muckrakers were progressive reformers with this occupation? Journalists
Jacob Riis' photography documented the lives of immigrants living in NYC in this book? How the other half lives
Jane Addams was a progressive reformer best known for association with? Settlement house
This women's movement sought to end men's consumption of alcohol? The temperance house
Why did some women want to end men's consumption of alcohol? They were tired of husbands abusing their wives/children.
What is the difference between NAWSA and NWP? The NWP were more radical fighting for women's right to vote.
This person believed AAs should focus on basic education and jobs before demanding equal rights? Booker T. Washington
This person believed AAs were entitled to and needed to demand equal rights immediately? W.E.B. DuBois
TR believed in an equal playing field for all Americans, as laid out by his domestic policies? Square deal
Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle exposed the unsanitary conditions found in this industry? Meatpacking plants
TR adopted an environmental policy, that called for the [blank] use of national forests? Rational use
When it came to the military, Theodore Roosevelt stressed the importance of? A strong navy
The sinking of the USS Maine was the spark that led to the start of this war? Spanish American war
Americans who wanted the US to expand its power overseas were known as? Imperialists
The US took over this sovereign Pacific country in order to protect American business interests? Hawaii
The Spanish-American war signaled the beginning of? An American empire
Theodore Roosevelt's foreign policy, centered on showing military strength, was known as Big Stick Diplomacy
When World War I began in Europe, Woodrow Wilson was eager to? Remain neutral
This type of warfare dominated the fighting on the Western Front in World War I? Trench warfare
This treaty officially ended World War I? Treaty of Versailles
Which one of his Fourteen Points did Woodrow Wilson care most about? The creation of a League of Nations
Great Britain and France used their victory in World War I to punish which country? Germany
Which one of the following was NOT a characteristic of the 1920s? A government that regularly intervened in the economy.
The stock market crash of October 1929 signaled the beginning of? The great depression
This climate event in the Midwest caused economic hardship for farmers? The dust bowl
A conservative, President Hoover thought the best way to get out of the Great Depression was through? Volunteerism by private citizens and companies
Shanty towns populated by people who lost their names in the Great Depression became known as? Hoovervilles
FDR suffered from this disease, which greatly reduced his ability to use his legs? Polio
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected President in 1932 by promising all Americans a? New Deal
What did FDR believe was the primary driving force in the economy? Consumer spending
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) guaranteed that? Citizens' money would be safe in banks.
What did the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) bring to a poor region of the United States? Electricity
Why did conservatives criticize the New Deal? It grew the size/power of the federal government.
Who was Huey Long? A Louisiana politician and fierce New Deal critic.
Adolf Hilter was able to take power in Germany by? Championing nationalist and anti-Semitic feeling.
As World War II began in Europe, most Americans were isolationists, meaning that they? Wanted America to stay out of the war.
The Neutrality Acts prevented Americans from doing all but one of the following? Communicate with citizens of belligerent nations.
The Neutrality Act of 1939 allowed the United States to? Sell arms to their allies through a "cash and carry" system.
Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor? Hoped a surprise attack would take out the US Pacific Fleet.
Created by: VKimbrell718