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Global 10


Cold War The time period of political hostility between the soviet bloc countries and the United States NATO VS. Warsaw Pact iron curtain Berlin Wall Berlin Airlift Vietnam and Korean Wars containment Nuclear arms space race Bay of Pigs cuban missile crisis
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization- a military alliance formed in 1949 to combat the spread and threat of communism Cold War- iron curtain- containment proxy war Vietnam and Korean Wars W. Germany Berlin Airlift Libyan conflict- Gadaffi
Containment President Truman's policy aimed at controlling the spread of communism Cold War Communism vs capitalism (democracy) NATO vs. Warsaw Pact east vs. west iron curtain proxy wars Berlin
Berlin Airlift A military operation in the late 1940's that brought food and other needed goods into west Berlin after the government of East Germany had cut off supplies Cold War East vs. West Communism vs. Capitalism democracy proxy wars/ containment/ iron curtain
Warsaw Pact A military alliance formed in Warsaw, Poland comprised of Bulgaria, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Soviet Union Cold War communism vs capitalism soviet bloc iron curtain super powers NATO
Glasnost "openness" policy of Mikhail Gorbachev that refers to the USSR's loosening of government control on all aspects of life limited government censorship Cold War Perestroika his attempt to save the USSR
Perestroika Restructuring the policy and reform of Gorbachev to restructure the economic and political system of the USSR combined with glasnost Cold war introduced some capitalist practices 1991- USSR falls
Proxy War A war instigated by major powers or a major power that does not itself become involved Vietnam war 1955-1975 Korean War 1950-1953 armistices Cold war- Soviet Union vs United States (super powers) Communism vs Capitalism
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