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What are field sizes determined by? Local Rules; Vary
What shape must the field be in? Rectangular
What are the measurements for touch lines? 100-130 yards
What are the measurements for goal lines? 50-100 yards
What should the lines be no more than? 5 in thick
Center circle radius Radius 10 yards from the mark
Corner area Radius 1 yard from each corner yard mark, located INSIDE field of play, 4 corner areas
Goal area measurements Extends 6 yards into field and 6 yards from each goal post
Penalty area measurements Extends 18 yards into the field and 18 yards from each post
Penalty mark measurements 12 yards from the mid-point between the goal area
Penalty arc Radius of 10 yards from the penalty mark, outside penalty area
Optional marks Made off the field of play, 10 yards from the corner area on the goal lines and touchlines
What must the referees do to ensure safety before a game? Arrive 30 mins before kick off unless local rules say otherwise to inspect the field
What happens if problems are found from the field? Refs discuss the problem with home team and coach and game can not go on until problems fixed by home team
What happens if the problem does not danger safety? The game can be played if it does not involve safety, field markings, but refs should take note of problems in recording
Who has the final say in everything? The center ref
What are the measurements of goals? 8 feet from underside of crossbar to ground with width that is 8 yards from the inside of goal post to inside of other goal post
What are the options for field surface? May be played on natural or artificial surfaces
What are the requirements for artificial surfaces? Must be the color green, competition matches with team officiated to FIFA or international club competition must meet requirements of FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf or International Artificial Turf Standard
What are the international matches field size? Touch line; 110-120 yds Goal Line; 70-80 yds
What should goals be anchored with? Steaks in the ground, or sand/weight bags
What should the height be for corner flags? 5 ft tall with a safe top
What happens if safe flags cannot be located? The game can go on
Who and what are the technical areas? Coaches and other team personnel must remain in this area except when entering field with refs permission. Bench area
Law 2... The ball
Requirements of the ball Must be spherical, made of leather or suitable material, area pressure for size 5 must be between 8.5-15.6 pounds per square inch
What should the refs do to all of the additional balls? Inspect them; air pressure, material
What happens if there is a defective ball during play? Ref must replace and restart with a drop ball
What happens if there is a defective ball during, and after a pk and during a stoppage? If it doesn't touch any player, or goal post, retaken. After pk, replaced and restarted with kick-off or drop ball. During a stoppage, replace and restart accordingly.
Does both teams have to have a goalie? Yes, and they can only switch from subs
What happens if there is less than 7 players? Ref must terminate match and report it to local competition authorities
How can late arrivals enter the game? Through the sub procedure with the refs permission
Procedure for subs Begins with stoppage, subs report to assistant ref who informs ref, player leaves the field from anywhere, sub enters field only from signal from ref
What happens if the gk switches without refs permission? Both players are cautioned at next stoppage and change is still upheld
What happens if a sub enters without permission? Ref stops play if they interfere and cautions them, or ref cautions them at next stoppage. If ref stops play, it will be a direct free kick or pk
What happens if there is too many players? Ref stops right away and cautions/removes extra player. The game would be restarted with an indirect free kick from opposing team. Same thing for stoppage only restart is accordingly
What happens if the team with too many players score a goal? Ref must disallow goal, caution and remove extra player, and restarted with goal kick, corner kick, or drop ball. If ref doesn't realize until after kickoff, the goal will stand
What happens if the team with less players score a goal? Ref must allow the goal, caution and remove extra player, restart with kick off
What happens to players sent off before the game? The player can be replaced with another one of the roster.
What happens to a player that is sent off during a game? The player may not be replaced.
What happens to a player that is sent off after a game? The ref should include the misconduct on the game report
What are outside agents? Anyone or anything not listed on the roster
What happens if an outside agent comes on the field? Stop play if interference and restart with dropped ball, deal with outside agent at the next stoppage if no interference and restart accordingly
Law 4... The players equipment
What happens if a player wears a cast? They are allowed to play if ok by local rules and ref and it should be wrapped with soft material, and cannot be used in dangerous manner
What is an advantage? Opposite team from offense benefits and if the benefit does not develop, then the original team is penalized
What happens if the offense is too severe for an advantage? If it requires player send off, stop play and remove unless the opposing team has an immediate opportunity to score a goal
What is the ref's signal for throw ins? Ref faces touch lines where throw in occurs, arm extended at 45 degree in direction the throw is heading, hands held together, arm down once it is understood
What is the ref's signal for direct free kick? Exact same thing as throw in
What is the ref's signal for indirect free kick? Same thing as direct kick except instead of lowering it, keep it hand held over head so there is no confusion
What is the ref's signal for a pk? Hand held downward at the pk mark
What things are used with the whistle? Kick off, pk, foul, misconduct, serious injury, suspension of game, end of game, delays
What are the delays used with the whistle? Enforce required distance, subs, injury evaluation, cards, need to talk to players and coaches
Law 6... The other officials
What are some flag mechanics? Put flag in hand closest to field, Stop moving before signal, switch hands below waste
What is the assistant ref's signal for throw in? Raised 45 degree, direction which is heading, lower arm when established
What is the assistant ref's signal for goal kick? Facing field, right hand to hold flag straight out
What is the assistant ref"s signal for corner kick? Right hand, pointing down at nearest corner
What is the assistant ref's signal for yellow/red card? Yellow; raise flag, touch left patch with right hand Red; raise flag, touch right leg with right leg
What is the assistant ref's signal for a goal? Stop, make eye contact with ref, move up field to half way line
What are the assistant ref's signal for offsides? Waves flag straight up; - Points 45 degree up, farside - Points straight, middle - Points 45 degree down, this side
What is the assistant ref's signal for misconduct that results in no goal? Stays in position and keeps flag down
What is the assistant ref's signal for ball back in play? Holds flag straight up, and after eye contact points it down
What is the assistant ref's signal for pk? Holds flag straight up, then between hands below waste, then if ref agrees they move on goal line
What is the assistant ref's signal for a foul? Waves flag back and forth straight up and then after eye contact, points flag 45 degrees up in direction the IFK will be in
What is the winner of the coin toss get? Goal to attack and the loser gets kick off
What are the kick off mechanics? Crew should enter together 3-5 minutes prior to kick off, ref carries ball, assistants move to position
When is the ball in play? When the ball is kicked and clearly moved
What happens if the kicker during a kick off touches the ball two times in a row? IFK for opposing team
What happens if the dropped ball enters goal directly in opponents goal? Goal kick
What happens if the dropped ball enters the goal directly if team's own goal? Corner kick
What happens if the ref awards a goal, before it crosses the line? A drop ball
What all requirements must be met in order for someone to be offisdes? Closer to the opposilng teams goal line then the ball, second to last opponent, the opponenet =s half of the field, head, body, fee,t not arms.
What does
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