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Drug Unit Review

What 3 drugs are considered the "gateway drugs?" Tobacco,Marijuana,and Alcohol
Why are they called "gateway drugs?" because people usually try those 3 drugs, and then get tired of that high and switch to other drugs
What is Physical Dependency? Physical dependency is when without the drug you feel physically sick
What is Psychological Dependency? Psychological dependency is when your mind feels you need the drug to function normally
What is Tolerance? Tolerance is how much of a drug you can take before you get high. The longer you take the drug the more tolerance you build up.Therefore the higher tolerance you have, the more drugs you need to take to get the same high.
What is Synergism? Synergism is when you mix two different drugs to get a much stronger high. 1+1=10
What is an Overdose? An overdose is the response to when the human body receives to much of a substance or a mix of substances.
What is a Side Effect? Side effects are unwanted effects that come from usage of drugs.
Define a Stimulant: Speeds up body functions,elevates heart rate, and causes alertness
Define a Depressant: Slows down body functions, lowers heart rate, and makes you sleepy.
Define a Hallucinogen: A drug that distorts a person’s senses.Users see and hear things that aren’t really there,huge emotional swings(laughing to violent).
Define a Narcotic: A drug used to relieve pain(pain killers),many used with a prescription
What category of drugs is nicotine? Stimulant
What are 3 health problems(diseases) caused from smoking cigarettes and/or breathing secondhand smoke? 1.)Chronic Bronchitis 2.)Laryngitis 3.)Emphysema
What are 3 health problems from smokeless tobacco products?
What category of drugs is marijuana? Marijuana is a stimulant
What is the active chemical in marijuana that causes the "high"? THC
How long can this chemical be stored in the body? 6 weeks
Explain why smoking marijuana is more dangerous for adolescents(ages 11-17) than it is for adults: because adolescents are going through puberty
What category of drugs is alcohol? Depressant
What is the current age to legally drink alcohol in all 50 states? 21
Define Binge Drinking: Drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short amount of time
Define Blackout: Still conscious, but can’t remember anything that happened while drinking
Define Passing Out: Loss of consciousness due to drinking too much alcohol
What does B.A.C stand for? Blood Alcohol Content/Concentration
What does B.A.C measure? It measures the percent of alcohol that is in the blood as well as other organs in the body
What B.A.C level is considered legally drunk? 0.08
Rate at which alcohol affects people depends on: 1.)strength of alcohol 2.)weight/size of body 3.)percentage of body fat 4.)gender 5.)how fast you drink 6.)food in stomach 7.)tolerance 8.)mixing with other drugs/medication
What are 4 things you should not do for someone you think is suffering from alcohol poisoning? 1.)Leave the victim alone 2.)Tell the victim to sleep it off 3.)Give the victim food,coffee,or a cold shower 4.)Be afraid to call 911
Created by: anvalentino