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Global 10


Totalitarianism A form of centralized government where a 1 party dictatorship attempts to regulate every aspect of the lives of citizens autocracy, authoritarian fascism- Mussolini and Hitler and Franco communish- Stalin and Zedong and Pol Pot Total control
Fascism A form of totalitarian government where the state is above everything else aggressive nationalism state above all else 1 party system blind loyalty to the state racial superiority- Nazis Aryan race secret police- squash oppostion strict censorship
Benito Mussolini first fascist leader that arose in Italy in the early 1920s ruled from 1922 to 1943 Il Duce was the leader black shirts secret police who used terror and fear to squash opposition glorified the state before the individual agrressive nationalism
Appeasement the policy of giving aggressive or enemy nations what they want in order to avoid conflict munich agreement allowed Hitler to take Czech.Sudeten land Anschluss was a union between Austria and Germany cause of WWII
Adolf Hitler Fascist leader of Germany from 1934 to 1945 extreme/ aggressive nationalism Hitler proclaimed that Germans belonged to a "master race" and blamed the jews for Germany's problems Holocaust/ concentration camps admired Mussolini and Francisco Franco
Kristallnact Night of Broken Glass- November 7, 1938 a night where Nazi led mobs attacked jewish communities all over Germany and Austria caused a great purge of German culture Nazi's sought to purify their nation public book burnings denounced modern art and jazz
Axis Powers WWII alliance; Japan, Italy and Germany Totalitarianism Fascism Aggression in Europe and the Pacific Italy- Mussolini Il Duce Germany- Hitler Fuher Japan- Emperor Hirohito
Allied Powers Both WWI and WWII allies included Britain France and Russia ( WWII Soviet Union) the big 3 Winston Churchill- Britain FDR- US Stalin- USSR had in common- hated fascist totalitarianis fought Axis Powers
Blitzkreig Lightning war- was a German military strategy used in WWII and was fast moving used against Poland Used technology of the tank and warplanes bombed airfields, factories and cities.
Nazi- Soviet Pact A non aggressive pact between Hitler and Stalin to ensure peaceful relations secretly agreed to not fight one another if the other went to war also agreed to divide up Poland other parts of Eastern Europe Hitler invaded Poland began WWII betrays pact
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