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Kingdoms of lving things

Which Kingdoms have single-celled organisms Protista and Monera
Bacteria belong to which Kingdom Monera
Name 3 non-vascular plants moss, liverworts, and kelp
Animals without backbones invertebrates
Animals with backbones vertebrates
What are the 5 classes of vertebrates Mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and fish
Which vertebrates have fur and produce milk mammals
Which vertebrates have feathers birds
Is a snake a vertebrate or invertebrate? vertebrate
Which two groups of vertebrates are warm-blooded? Mammals and birds
How do ferns, moss, and fungi reproduce? spores
Mushrooms, yeast, mildew, and mold Members of Kingdom Fungi
Paramecium and amoeba Members of Kingdom Protista
King Phillip came over for good spaghetti Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
Whale, walrus, dolphin, sea lion Mammals that live in water
Bats the only mammal that flies
Kingdom Animalia move from place to place; eat their food
Kingdom Plantae Don't move from place to place; make food through photosynthesis
Kingdom Fungi Don't move from place to place; absorb food from dead or living things
Kingdom Protista Single-celled, microscopic, lives in pond water
Kingdom Monera Single-celled, microscopic, no nucleus
Created by: PRO Teacher lit123