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MOH3 2nd semester

Date: William Shakespeare 1592
Date: Sir Isaac Newton 1666
Date: The Pilgrims Land at New Plymouth 1620
Date: Peter I: Czar of Russia 1696
Date: Louis XIV-The Sun King 1661
Date: William the Silent Leads the Dutch Revolt 1581
Date: The Founding of Jamestown 1607
Tycho Brahe built an observatory on which island? Hven
Sir Francis Drake landed on the coast of which current day state? California
Who was hired by Philip II to set up the Council of Troubles in Netherland? Duke of Alba
Name two products Sir Walter Raleigh introduced from the New World to the Old World. Potatoes and Tobacco
In the battle between England and Spain, where the Spanish Armada was defeated, how many Spaniards survived? 10,000
Which Italian is known for introducing the Renaissance to Europe? Cosimo de Medici
Where did William Shakespeare grow up? Stratford-upon-Avon
Tokugawa Ieyasu made which faith illegal? Christian
Francis Bacon introduced which Age? Age of Reason
MIguel de Cervantes wrote this novel about an old knight. Don Quixote
Who was the Dutch explorer who discovered Australia? Willem Janszoon
John Smith instituted the rule of working for your own food in which settlement in the New World? Jamestown
Samuel de Champlain became known as what due to his exploration of Canada? Father of New France
John Smyth, of which faith, taught believer's baptistm. Separatist
What what Pocahontas's real name? Motoaka
Which Catholic cardinal supported the Protestants during the Thirty Years' War? Richelieu
Which ship was abandoned by the Pilgrims? Speedwell
Which Native American chief was invited to join the Pilgrims for a time of thanksgiving? Massasoit
Which French mathematician did we study? Rene Descartes
Who was the Puritan founder of Boston? John Winthrop
Who developed the law of falling bodies? Galileo Galilei
Who created a ghetto for the Roman Jews? Pope Paul IV
One of the Dutch painters we studied. Rembrandt
Who wrote the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Hooker
What did Comenius pray for when he left Moravia? seed of faith
Which side did the Scottish side with during the English Civil Wars? Roundheads
Robert Boyle discovered compounds could be broken down into what? atoms
George fox believed it was wrong to tip your ________. hat
Where did Blaise Pascal sew his personal testimony? coat
During Louis XIV's reign, which economic theory saw France grow wealthy? mercantilism
Who do you associate with secret worship? Covenanters
Who required kowtow as a sign of respect? K'ang-hsi
What did Isaac Newton explain? gravity
What type of story did John Bunyan write? allegory
Which New World settler was in favor of religious tolerance? William Penn
West Africans were captured and sold as slaves to harvest which agricultural product? sugar
Who signed the Declaration of Indulgences? James II
Who wrote The Second Treatise of Government? John Locke
Who listened to forbidden stories? Elizabeth Parris
Who disagreed with Reist over the practice of shunning disobedient church members? Jakob Amman
Who fought the Swedes in the Great Northern War? Peter I
Who wrote hundreds of hymns for the church in England? Isaac Watts
Created by: mrsarneson